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331A ghost town, in both senses of the word

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  • Steve Hayes
    Jul 22 10:11 PM
      Many of our branch of the ELLWOOD family (descended from Robert ELLWOOD and
      Martha SAXON or SAXTON) were coal miners in Cumberland and Durham, and some
      of them emigrated to the USA and worked in the coal mines of Kentucky and

      One of these, Samuel Leslie ELLWOOD (1897-1973) was born in Red Ash,
      Tennessee, and I had made a typo in entering the place name so looked it up
      in Google to get the correct spelling, and discovered that it was a ghost
      town in both senses of the word.

      As often happens with mining towns, when the mine closes, the town dies, and
      such dead towns are usually called "ghost towns". See here:


      and here


      But when I entered "Red Ash Tennessee" in Google I discovered that it was a
      ghost town in the other sense as well -- most of the sites listed had words
      like "paranormal", and people see ghosts there, or say they have.

      Apparently Samuel Leslie Ellwood grew up to become a coal miner too, and
      worked in Kentucky for a while and eventually died in Bakersfield,

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