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330Re: [ellwood] Re: George Ellwood, born 1788 in Cartmell

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  • Steve Hayes
    Jul 22, 2014
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      On 22 Jul 2014 at 16:23, jerrywh57@... [ellwood] wrote:

      > My name is Jeremy Hughes, thank you for letting me join your group.

      Welcome -- it's good to hear from you.

      > George Elwood is my great (x3) grandfather. My mother was an Elwood (her
      > branch of the family pretty consistently stuck with one l, apart from one
      > rogue uncle who insisted on using two) and I have been researching her family
      > for a good number of years now.

      The Elwood/Ellwood spelling seems to have been fairly interchangeable in
      earlier generations, but most of the later ones seemed to adopt the ll

      > I had a pretty full and detailed tree back as far as George Elwood b.1788 in
      > Cartmel/Allithwaite, and I was aware of his brother James who was 2 years
      > younger. For a number of years I have been stuck at that point but have
      > recently seen the latest Cartmel records added to Lancs OPC. Thanks to that I
      > now know that George was the son of James Ellwood the blacksmith from
      > Allithwaite and his first wife Mary. From Lancs OPC I have pieced together
      > James’s other children from his two marriages and it also seems clear that
      > James was the son of Samuel who married Hannah Barrow in Allithwaite in 1752
      > and I have their family now too.

      Yes, the new additions to the Cartmel records have helped a lot in sorting
      out some of the families.

      > It seems slightly less certain that this Samuel is the same one as born in
      > Dufton in 1726, I’d be interested to hear how certain you think that is?

      We discussed this here a few months ago, and though I doubt that we can ever
      be certain, it seems to be a "balance of probabilities" thing.

      > George married Mary Burn in Heysham in 1826 and was an innkeeper at the
      > Packet Boat Inn in Bolton-le-Sands where he died (so yes Steve the George
      > that Nicola quoted info for is mine). His descendants mainly stayed in
      > Lancashire and my mothers branch were mostly from Lancaster, where I too was
      > born.

      I find that interesting from another point of view.

      Our Ellwoods are on my wife's side - her maternal grandmother, Martha
      Ellwood, was born in Whitehaven, and came to Durban in South Africa where she
      married William PEARSON (also from Whitehaven). But I have COTTAM and BAGOT
      family from Bolton le Sands and Heysham. The Cottams came from Nether Kellet,
      in Bolton le Sands parish, and farmed at Heaton with Oxcfliffe, and some of
      them lived, or at least were married, in Lancaster.

      > I have placed a descendants report from George Elwood and a very simplified
      > tree showing only the Elwood names in the Files section for your perusal.

      Thanks very much for that. We've downloaded it and are having a look at it.
      We had none of those, probably because the different spelling tends to get
      overlooked in searches.

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Blog: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      Web: http://www.khanya.org.za/famhist1.htm
      E-mail: shayes@...
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