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280Re: [ellwood] Re: Peter Ellwood's chart

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  • Gillian Mc kenna
    Apr 14, 2014
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      Hi Nicola,

      Thanks very much for the updated info for this family. I had most of my previous info from Peter Ellwood. A lot of data can now be verified much more easily as more and more stuff is available online.

      I'm afraid that I cannot help you any further. This is not my main line. Maybe Peter will be able to help.


      On Wednesday, April 9, 2014 12:33 PM, "nicola.thwaite1@..." <nicola.thwaite1@...> wrote:

      Dear all,
      I've picked up on this old message because I've been looking further into John Ellwood (b. 1753), son of Samuel Ellwood and Hannah Barrow and I've got some different information from that given here, including a more likely death date for John. I thought I'd share it in case it's of interest to anyone else looking into this line.

      >i. John Ellwood. He was born 1754 in Kendal. He married Jane Coultherd. They were married on 19 May >1776 [10]. He died on 01 Dec 1842 in Kendal [10].  >Occupation was Husbandman [10].
      John was christened in Cartmel on 17 June 1753, the son of Samuel of Upper Newton (Lancs OPC).  This makes sense because Samuel and Hannah were married at Cartmel in Nov 1752, with Samuel's bond listing him as shoemaker of Newton; they are confirmed as the right couple because Samuel and Hannah were named as paternal grandparents when John's son Timothy was christened at Underbarrow in 1779.
      John and his son Timothy were farming at Moss End farm, near Lindale, in the late 18th and early 19th century (info from land tax and christenings of Timothy's children) and I have recently seen an image of the register listing the admin of "John Ellwood of Moss End", which is in the National Archives IR 26/312/792. The admin is dated 28 Feb 1803, with the administratrix being John's widow Jane [i.e. Jane Coulthard or Coultherd].  I don't yet know exactly when John died (Cartmel burials aren't on Lancs OPC for this date yet) but it seems that he
      died in late 1802/early 1803 and is therefore not the 1842 death in Kendal.

      > ii. Elizabeth Ellwood. She was born 1756 in Kendal.
      Elizabeth dau of Samuel of Newton was christened at Cartmel 30 May 1756 (Lancs OPC). No further information yet.

      >iii. James Ellwood. He was born 1759 in Kendal. He died on 19 Jan 1813 in Kendal [10]. Occupation was Blacksmith [10].
      James son of Samuel of Newton was christened at Cartmel 8 Aug 1759 (Lancs OPC)
      He was listed at christenings as the blacksmith in Allithwaite and I think he must have married twice, although I haven't confirmed the 1st marriage (which may be that to Mary High in Kendal 16 May 1785) or all his children.  His probable 2nd marriage 27 Sep 1801 at St Mary's Lancaster: James Ellwood blacksmith of Cartmel and Margaret Long spinster of Scofforth, by licence.
      As he appears to have been living in the Cartmel area, the Kendal death may be another false match, but I haven't found anything yet to confirm or contradict it.

      >iv. Isabel Ellwood. She was born 1763 in Kendal.
      Isabel dau of Samuel of Newton was christened at Cartmel 13 Nov 1763 and buried at Cartmel 1 Apr 1773 (both Lancs OPC)

      Hope this is useful to some of you.  Also does anyone have any confirmed information for the death date of John's father Samuel (b.1726), which I've seen given variously as either 1796 or 1811 but with no source to explain either date.  It's most likely that he also died in the Cartmel area, but both dates fall into the current gap in Cartmel burials online, so I can't yet check this there, and I haven't found a probate/admon anywhere for him.


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