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232This forum needs a moderator!

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  • Steve Hayes
    Apr 12 3:16 PM
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      This forum needs a moderator!

      I'm calling for volunteers, or for nominations.

      If you think you could do the job, or know another member who could do the
      job, please give a brief introduction of yourself (or the person you are
      nominating) to tell us a little about them, their interest in the topic of
      the forum and so on.


      * to approve new members
      * to check spam messages, and pass them or delete them
      * to see that messages remain on topic and remove or ban members who are rude
      or insulting to others, or who post spam

      It's not a very onerous job, but it is one that needs to be done.


      I have been owner/moderator of this forum since it started to be hosted by

      I'm happy to continue doing that, but I'm going away for a while and it would
      be useful if someone could keep things going while I'm gone. New member
      requests, for example, expire after 14 days, and I'll be gone longer than

      Also, I'm getting old, and one day I'll pop my clogs, and it would be nice if
      discussions could continue after I've gone. The best way of ensuring that
      would be to have one or two additional moderators.

      So please volunteer, or persuade someone else to do so.

      If there are lots of nominations, we'll have a vote.

      Steve Hayes
      E-mail: shayes@...
      Blog: http://khanya.wordpress.com
      Phone: 083-342-3563 or 012-333-6727
      Fax: 086-548-2525
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