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221RE: [ellwood] Index to some Ellwood marriages

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  • Hilary Jackson
    Feb 7, 2013

      Thanks very much for sending these. I’m struggling a little to find most of them on my tree. I have the first second and fifth, eighth, and 20th. Do you have any more information on the others? Would be very grateful and thanks for your hard work. Best Wishes Hilary


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      Here's an index to some of the ellwood marriages in my files.

      Further details available on request

      Burrow, Edward Ellwood, Hannah 18-May-1861
      Ellwood, Isaac Taylor Wright, Hannah Maria 8-Jun-1865
      Ellwood, John Wilkinson, Alice 1-Jan-1870
      Ellwood, John Dickinson, Margaret 6-Feb-1858
      Ellwood, John Anderson, Bridget 17-Nov-1839
      Ellwood, John Furnas, Margaret 1-Mar-1735
      Ellwood, Mark Marshall, Anne 6-May-1714
      Ellwood, Mark Loadman, Ann 8-Jun-1756
      Ellwood, Mark Egleston, Elizabeth 8-Jan-1776
      Ellwood, Mark Barnet, Mary 29-Jan-1721
      Ellwood, Richard Dixon, Elizabeth 5-Aug-1863
      Ellwood, Robert Tennant, Dorothy 16-Mar-1882
      Ellwood, Thomas Wilkinson, Mary 16-Oct-1764
      Ellwood, Thomas Teasdale, Elizabeth 28-Oct-1792
      Ellwood, Thomas Jamson, Jane 31-Oct-1806
      Ellwood, Thomas Ellwood, Mary 13-Apr-1783
      Ellwood, Thomas Taylor, Elleanor 3-Oct-1859
      Ellwood, William Swaving, Elizabeth Louise 26-Sep-1842
      Ellwood, William Sloan, Sarah 1-Aug-1786
      Ellwood, William Reed, Dorothy 8-Nov-1804
      Ellwood, William Fisher, Eleanor 25-Mar-1791
      Ellwood, William Threlcoat, Dorothy 1-Jan-1795
      Ellwood, William Johnson, Ann 11-Feb-1843
      Hendly, John Thomas Henry Ellwood, Sarah Ann 3-Feb-1856
      Little, Joseph Ellwood, Jane Ann 25-Jan-1905
      Robinson, Matthew Ellwood, Anne 1-Dec-1796
      Smith, Edward Ellwood, Hannah 17-Oct-1830
      Swindlehurst, Marmaduke Ellwood, Margaret 16-Aug-1851
      Teasdale, Christopher Ellwood, Mary 11-Jul-1734
      Tomlinson, James Ellwood, Mary Ann 25-Dec-1851
      Wilkinson, Johannes Ellwood, Bridget 26-Jun-1707
      Willan, Joseph Ellwood, Dorothy 12-Nov-1761

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
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