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220Re: Index to some Ellwood marriages

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  • Anna
    Feb 4, 2013
      here is what i have on the elwood family, i don't know all of the dates. Davis "Dee" John Elwood
      Birth 2 Jun 1888 in Michigan
      Death May 12, 1971 in Ovid Twp., Clinton Co. MI
      Bernice Arley Parkinson
      Birth November 9, 1904 in Freeport, Barry Co., MI
      Death June 22, 1989 in Dunn, Harnett, North Carolina
      Are my great grandfather and grandmother

      Augustus D Elwood
      Birth 17 Dec 1852 in Michigan
      Death 21 Feb
      Ella Louise Davis
      Birth about 1861 in Michigan

      Are my 2nd great grandfather and grandmother

      Elihu A Elwood
      Birth 13 Jun 1831 in Floyd, Oneida Co., NY
      Death 17 Jul 1904 in Cordova, LeSueur Co. MN
      Nancy Ann Tilitson
      Birth 1833 in New York

      Are my 3rd great grandfather and grandmother

      --- In ellwood@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Hayes" wrote:
      > Here's an index to some of the ellwood marriages in my files.
      > Further details available on request
      > Burrow, Edward Ellwood, Hannah 18-May-1861
      > Ellwood, Isaac Taylor Wright, Hannah Maria 8-Jun-1865
      > Ellwood, John Wilkinson, Alice 1-Jan-1870
      > Ellwood, John Dickinson, Margaret 6-Feb-1858
      > Ellwood, John Anderson, Bridget 17-Nov-1839
      > Ellwood, John Furnas, Margaret 1-Mar-1735
      > Ellwood, Mark Marshall, Anne 6-May-1714
      > Ellwood, Mark Loadman, Ann 8-Jun-1756
      > Ellwood, Mark Egleston, Elizabeth 8-Jan-1776
      > Ellwood, Mark Barnet, Mary 29-Jan-1721
      > Ellwood, Richard Dixon, Elizabeth 5-Aug-1863
      > Ellwood, Robert Tennant, Dorothy 16-Mar-1882
      > Ellwood, Thomas Wilkinson, Mary 16-Oct-1764
      > Ellwood, Thomas Teasdale, Elizabeth 28-Oct-1792
      > Ellwood, Thomas Jamson, Jane 31-Oct-1806
      > Ellwood, Thomas Ellwood, Mary 13-Apr-1783
      > Ellwood, Thomas Taylor, Elleanor 3-Oct-1859
      > Ellwood, William Swaving, Elizabeth Louise 26-Sep-1842
      > Ellwood, William Sloan, Sarah 1-Aug-1786
      > Ellwood, William Reed, Dorothy 8-Nov-1804
      > Ellwood, William Fisher, Eleanor 25-Mar-1791
      > Ellwood, William Threlcoat, Dorothy 1-Jan-1795
      > Ellwood, William Johnson, Ann 11-Feb-1843
      > Hendly, John Thomas Henry Ellwood, Sarah Ann 3-Feb-1856
      > Little, Joseph Ellwood, Jane Ann 25-Jan-1905
      > Robinson, Matthew Ellwood, Anne 1-Dec-1796
      > Smith, Edward Ellwood, Hannah 17-Oct-1830
      > Swindlehurst, Marmaduke Ellwood, Margaret 16-Aug-1851
      > Teasdale, Christopher Ellwood, Mary 11-Jul-1734
      > Tomlinson, James Ellwood, Mary Ann 25-Dec-1851
      > Wilkinson, Johannes Ellwood, Bridget 26-Jun-1707
      > Willan, Joseph Ellwood, Dorothy 12-Nov-1761
      > --
      > Keep well,
      > Steve Hayes
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