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219Index to some Ellwood marriages

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  • Steve Hayes
    Feb 3, 2013
      Here's an index to some of the ellwood marriages in my files.

      Further details available on request

      Burrow, Edward Ellwood, Hannah 18-May-1861
      Ellwood, Isaac Taylor Wright, Hannah Maria 8-Jun-1865
      Ellwood, John Wilkinson, Alice 1-Jan-1870
      Ellwood, John Dickinson, Margaret 6-Feb-1858
      Ellwood, John Anderson, Bridget 17-Nov-1839
      Ellwood, John Furnas, Margaret 1-Mar-1735
      Ellwood, Mark Marshall, Anne 6-May-1714
      Ellwood, Mark Loadman, Ann 8-Jun-1756
      Ellwood, Mark Egleston, Elizabeth 8-Jan-1776
      Ellwood, Mark Barnet, Mary 29-Jan-1721
      Ellwood, Richard Dixon, Elizabeth 5-Aug-1863
      Ellwood, Robert Tennant, Dorothy 16-Mar-1882
      Ellwood, Thomas Wilkinson, Mary 16-Oct-1764
      Ellwood, Thomas Teasdale, Elizabeth 28-Oct-1792
      Ellwood, Thomas Jamson, Jane 31-Oct-1806
      Ellwood, Thomas Ellwood, Mary 13-Apr-1783
      Ellwood, Thomas Taylor, Elleanor 3-Oct-1859
      Ellwood, William Swaving, Elizabeth Louise 26-Sep-1842
      Ellwood, William Sloan, Sarah 1-Aug-1786
      Ellwood, William Reed, Dorothy 8-Nov-1804
      Ellwood, William Fisher, Eleanor 25-Mar-1791
      Ellwood, William Threlcoat, Dorothy 1-Jan-1795
      Ellwood, William Johnson, Ann 11-Feb-1843
      Hendly, John Thomas Henry Ellwood, Sarah Ann 3-Feb-1856
      Little, Joseph Ellwood, Jane Ann 25-Jan-1905
      Robinson, Matthew Ellwood, Anne 1-Dec-1796
      Smith, Edward Ellwood, Hannah 17-Oct-1830
      Swindlehurst, Marmaduke Ellwood, Margaret 16-Aug-1851
      Teasdale, Christopher Ellwood, Mary 11-Jul-1734
      Tomlinson, James Ellwood, Mary Ann 25-Dec-1851
      Wilkinson, Johannes Ellwood, Bridget 26-Jun-1707
      Willan, Joseph Ellwood, Dorothy 12-Nov-1761

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      E-mail: shayes@...
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