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186Re: [ellwood] Re: Peter Ellwood's chart

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  • Genie Zappanti
    Jan 17, 2012
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      I would be interested in looking at the group sheets. Edmund Ellwood and Anne Rudd are my 8th Great Grandparents 
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      Date: 01/17/12 20:54:53
      Subject: Re: [ellwood] Re: Peter Ellwood's chart

      On 17 Jan 2012 at 18:47, Gillian Mc Kenna wrote:

      > Oh well, so much for dying just after the move from Dufton to Bolton!!
      > There is an Edmund Ellwood who paid window tax in Dufton in 1777 but this is
      > probably our other Edmund who died 1803 who left the will.

      Ive been looking quite a lot at this Edmund (born c 1770, son of Edmund
      Ellwood and Anne Rudd) recently -- will send family group sheets to anyone
      who is interested for comment/correction.

      He's not our direct ancestor, but several people on the list seem to be
      descended from him.

      The only record of a marriage of an Edward to an Elizabeth we have been able
      to find is to an Elizabeth Robinson in Carlisle on 14 Oct 1725. But the only
      chidren of Edmund and Elizabeth born soon after were all born in Dufton:

      Samuel (1726) m. Hannah Barrow ???
      Daniel (1728) m. Hannah Crewdson
      Lydia (1730) m. William Robinson
      Elizabeth (1732) died in infancy
      Ann (1734) m. William Morris
      John (1738) died in infancy

      And, as you have shown, around 1740 they moved to Bolton, and were in
      financial difficulties there in 1742. Samuel does not appear to have been
      with them then. He would have been about 14-16 then. Was he apprenticed

      Samuel seems to be the most problematic, at least for us. Other people's
      trees show descendants, but they aren't always consistent with each other,
      and we haven't been able to find any confirmatory records on line. Of course
      not everything is available on line for checking, and they may have seen
      records that have not been transcribed or filmed yet.

      Do you have anything on him and his descendants?

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      E-mail: shayes@...

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