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150Re: John Ellwood Dufton

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  • Gillian Mc Kenna
    Jan 2, 2012
      Hello All & Happy New Year!!

      I have been aware of this will for some time now & have never been able to connect Edmund to "our tree"!

      Looking back at my notes, I have found:

      Burial record in Dufton - 13/08/1803 Edmund Ellwood, Yeoman, age 81

      This means he was born 1722.

      Edmund Elwood bap 21/1/1722 Clifton & brother John bap 10/8/1732
      Clifton, sons of John Elwood (no mention of mother). Other siblings
      include:Jane, Ann, Dorothy, Mary 1 & 2, George.

      I did think that John the father was:

      John Elwood bap 14/10/1694 Dufton son of Edmond Elwood & Dorothy

      Edmond Elwood b1666 son of Christopher & Jane Gargatt.

      Edmond Elwood & Dorothy Spedding married in Clifton hence the
      Clifton connection. Maybe Edmund inherited property & moved back to Dufton?

      However, I have John married to Ann Hutchinson (1695) in Ousby in 1715, with children Elizabeth (1716), Thomas (1718), Agnes (1720), John (1722), Anne (1724), Hannah (1727), Mary (1729) and Margaret (1732) all baptised in Dufton. This is only a theory, which I have not proved either way, and have therefore not put on my tree.

      Edmund's will of 1730 is not very legible, but as far as I can make out the beneficiaries are his surviving wife Ann (Rudd); son William (1702); grandchildren Thomas (1715), Edward (1721), Ann (1720) & Jane (1724); son-in-law John Pearson - married to daughter Frances (1690); daughter Dorothy (1706); John as administrator for Edmund (1700); Thomas (1697); with the remainder to John (1694).

      Any thoughts?


      --- In ellwood@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Hayes" <hayesstw@...> wrote:
      > On 1 Jan 2012 at 15:33, O'Brien Family wrote:
      > > Edmund ELLWOOD of Dufton, Westmorland, of sound mind.
      > > Will dated 7 March 1803. Proved 21 Sept. 1803.
      > > To wife Ann ELLWOOD, three pounds, one cow, feather bed, bedding, bedstead and
      > > hangings round it that are in the upstairs room and for her to have the use
      > > only of the rest of my household furniture during her natural life and at her
      > > decease to go to my executors. To nephew John ELLWOOD all my freehold land
      > > within the Manor of Dufton. To niece Ann THORNBORROW, wife of Robert
      > > Thornborrow of Brampton Crofts Ends, £100. To nephew John DOBSON £30. To
      > > nephews Thomas DOBSON, Nicholas DOBSON, George DOBSON, nieces Elizabeth
      > > REDHEAD and Mary FIDLER, each £20. Should nephew George DOBSON be dead, his
      > > share be equally divided amongst his brothers and sisters. To brother in law
      > > John HARRISON of Church Brough £5. To brother in law Thomas DIXON £20. To
      > > nephew Joseph DIXON, nieces Jane DIXON, Ann DOOD, Elizabeth FRANCIS, Dorothy
      > > ROBINSON, Mary DIXON and Isable DIXON £15 each. To niece Elizabeth THOMPSON
      > > £60. All the rest to brother John ELLWOOD and nephew John ELLWOOD, joint
      > > Executors. Edmund ELLWOOD signed 7 March 1803. Witnesses: Thos ELLWOOD, George
      > > SIDDLE, John HOBSON. [Family History Library microfilm 90522]
      > Very interesting, and we're checking it now to see what we can find that
      > links.
      > The only Edmund Ellwood that we have who married an Ann in anything like the
      > right period is Edmund Ellwood who married Ann Tinkler about 1754, but we
      > have no record of any relatives of either of them.
      > --
      > Keep well,
      > Steve Hayes
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      > http://hayesfam.posterous.com/
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