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    Mar 1, 2014
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      Elkhart Freecycle Network Etiquette and Rules


      Keep it FREE, legal and appropriate for all ages.

      Do not post ads for inappropriate or illegal items. Those that do so may be banned from the list. Such items include but are not limited to: weaponry (knives, firearms, swords, etc.); items of a sexual nature; body parts, including organs; drugs; anything that violates fair use of copyrighted materials. Tangible goods are acceptable for freecycle; services are not.

      The "Free" in "Freecycle" means everything must be completely FREE only - no trades, no money, no strings of any kind attached. It's a gift, pure and simple. Do not respond to someone's request with an offer to sell them the item they want. This will lead to removal from the group. FREE means FREE!

      The "cycle" in "Freecycle" is short for "recycling", and it shows the real intent - to reuse PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE items within our communities. (A quick guide: "tangible" means that "if you drop the thing on your toe, it might hurt.")

      Services of any kind and information are not tangible, so they don't need to be recycled - no matter what they are, or how freely they're offered, they aren't for freecycle. Examples include offers of "free internet access", "free information on how to get out of debt", "free market appraisal for your home", "free backrubs for cute bodies." You get the picture.


      Use ONLY these phrases:

      OFFER: old couch
      TAKEN: old couch

      WANTED: old couch
      RECEIVED: old couch

      Post a TAKEN or RECEIVED only after the item has been picked up. TAKENs must be posted by the person who posted the OFFER; RECEIVEDs must be posted by the person who posted the WANTED.

      Posts that do not use the correct subject header format will be deleted.

      3. LOCATION

      Your approximate location: Try to list this in the body of your e-mail. I've got a couch and live downtown. Nearest intersection: Speedway and Stone.


      Freecycle is a wonderful way to find new homes for your stuff, as well as
      to provide new homes for other people�s stuff. You may be a member of
      several local groups. In the interest of reducing waste as well as e-mail,
      select one of those groups as your home group and post your OFFERs and WANTEDs there. If you are unsuccessful, after one week you may post to other local groups.

      The definition of �home� group is up to you. It could be the town in which you live. It could be the town in which you work. It could be the town in which you shop. It could be in the town in which your cousin lives. Just pick one, and consider the other groups �not-home� groups.

      5. RESPONSES

      Responses go only to offerer. It keeps down the sheer number of e-mails.

      6. CHOICES

      Who gets your item is your choice. If a charity responds, you may want to give them first shot.

      7. PICKUP

      Arrange pickup with one person only, rather than "it's on the porch, whoever gets here first gets it." Only give your phone number to one person at a time or ask for the recipient's phone number. Otherwise you'll get swamped with phone calls.

      8. PETS

      You may request or offer pets, but keep it legal and be lovingly careful.

      9. REPOSTING

      You may repost OFFERs and WANTEDs no more than once a month.


      No politics, no religion, no spam, no trading, no money. Two strikes and you're out. Don't be rude or get into an argument with another member. Report problems to the moderators by emailing elkhartfreecycle-owner@yahoogroups.com
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