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339Re: New tengwar and cirth in _The Art of the Hobbit_

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  • Ugo
    Jan 8, 2012
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      --- In elfscript2@yahoogroups.com, "Mans" <at@...> wrote:
      > In picture #30, the phrase "Five foot high the door [...]" is written
      in runes, but unlike in Thrór's map, the runes are actually cirth.
      The text seems to contain some unusual features -- for example, the H
      rune has a different shape than the one given in Appendix E of LR.

      Finally a new cirth sample!

      The inscription mostly agrees with DCS18 (VII:464). This is the

      f-ai-v f-é-t *h-ai þ-e d-ó-r a-nd þ-r-í m-ei
      w-ó-tz a-b-r-e-*st

      The differences are in the last certh (n°13 in AppE; u+E08c) which
      here clearly stands for [st], while in DCS18 is given for [ts]; and as
      already noted in the first certh of the third word that seems to be
      certh n°53-U+E0b8 which is not present in VII:464 (only in the "late
      Noldorin use" in DCS17 for [n]). However if we look carefully the right
      branch is not so bent, I wonder if it's meant to be certh n°20-U+E093
      as all the inscription it's not well written but jotted (but I have no
      clue for the reason why he would've started from the branch and not from
      the stem). If that's the case, in DCS18 the value of that certh is the
      back spriant [X(ch)] which is not so far from [h], so it's possibile
      that Tolkien used that certh for the [h] sound in the cirth english mode
      while writing the Hobbit and shifting it to [X] later (which is a
      related sound).

      In the line directly below the inscription there's another crytic glyph.
      It might be a combination of n°13+n°8 or n°39+the "Dwarfmode"
      ampersand (U+E0DF); it remembers also the rune for QU in ER8 (PE15:120).


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