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337Re: [elfscript2] Re: More tengwar in PE19 (in OP2)

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  • Arden R. Smith
    Jan 2, 2012
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      On Jan 2, 2012, at 6:46 AM, Ugo wrote:

      > Indeed that's a good question; they aren't only coming from a
      > Tolkien's
      > manuscript, but they seem to be really part of it: the wording needs
      > the
      > presence of those tengwar. The question is why the editor chose to
      > use a
      > font instead of using a scan version of those tengwar; a possibile
      > answer is "for the sake of clarity as it's not possibile to misread
      > them
      > in the original manuscript and as the contest it's focused on phonetic
      > development rather than script, the whole text gains clarity", however
      > in p. 41-43 we find both the font and fac similes. Peraphs we should
      > ask
      > Mr. Gilson the reason of its choices both in OP2 and OP1 (to be sure
      > of
      > their autorship), but they really seem to be Tolkien's tengwar worth
      > of
      > consideration as a unified DTS (25 tengwar) as they're all from the
      > same
      > document (OP2) and they all have the same "nature", peraphs with a
      > note
      > explaining that they're not fac similes.

      As I recall, the general procedure in PE19 was to use scans when the
      manuscript had clearly written tengwar, but font replacements when it
      did not, e.g. in rough ball-point or pencil emendations. If you look
      at the footnotes to the sentences containing font replacements, you
      will generally see that this is the case, for example:

      p. 41, n. 76: "This sentence was originally...."
      p. 41, n. 78: "This sentence was altered in red ink from...."
      p. 70, n. 8: "These equivalences were written in green ball-point in
      the margin to the left of the previous sentence...."

      It would have been a good idea to include a note explaining this
      somewhere in the apparatus.

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

      Perilme metto aimaktur perperienta.
      --Elvish proverb


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