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336Re: More tengwar in PE19 (in OP2)

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  • Ugo
    Jan 2, 2012
      --- In elfscript2@yahoogroups.com, j_mach_wust@... wrote:
      > On 2012-01-01, at 17:54, Ugo wrote:
      > > Hello everyone,
      > > I haven't found any mention here, but there are more tengwar in PE19
      than those already highlighted in #329, all from OP2.
      > Thanks for pointing that out! Indeed, this raises an intricate
      question: How should we count these? They are not tengwar autographs,
      seeing as they are only reproduced in Tengwar Annatar characters. Still,
      they come directly from Tolkien's manuscript.

      Indeed that's a good question; they aren't only coming from a Tolkien's
      manuscript, but they seem to be really part of it: the wording needs the
      presence of those tengwar. The question is why the editor chose to use a
      font instead of using a scan version of those tengwar; a possibile
      answer is "for the sake of clarity as it's not possibile to misread them
      in the original manuscript and as the contest it's focused on phonetic
      development rather than script, the whole text gains clarity", however
      in p. 41-43 we find both the font and fac similes. Peraphs we should ask
      Mr. Gilson the reason of its choices both in OP2 and OP1 (to be sure of
      their autorship), but they really seem to be Tolkien's tengwar worth of
      consideration as a unified DTS (25 tengwar) as they're all from the same
      document (OP2) and they all have the same "nature", peraphs with a note
      explaining that they're not fac similes.

      > In any case, there are some more tengwar like these in PE19, at least
      on page 41. When I enumerated the tengwar from page 41 in #328, I only
      counted the autographed tengwar, and not the Annatar tengwar.

      As I've said above, in my opinion they should be counted, after a check
      with Christopher Gilson, maybe highlighting the difference: 21+7

      > > p.88:
      > > 3 tengwar
      > > (a) hwesta sindarinwa and halla for *hw* (intial and medial in
      > > (b) formen with a bar below apparently for *ff*
      > Four.

      Five then (halla, hwesta sindarinwa, halla+hwesta sindarinwa, formen).

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