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333More tengwar in PE19 (in OP2)

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  • Ugo
    Jan 1, 2012
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      Hello everyone,
      I haven't found any mention here, but there are more tengwar in PE19 than those already highlighted in #329, all from OP2.

      (sorry but I'm not very familiar with the structural reference system usually employed in DTS, so I don't dare to try to use it)

      5 tengwar
      (a) óre, rómen, silme and esse in the evolution of *d*, *s* and *r*.
      (b) anna in early parmaquesta for *g- > ʒ- > '-*

      4 tengwar
      formen, súle, aha and hyarmen in the evolution of the aspirate stops *th*, *ph*, *kh*.

      2 tengwar
      aha and halla for *h*

      1 tengwa
      quesse ( internal explanation for its transcription with *q* together with *qu*, "as occasionally by Aelfwine", owning to the close resemblance of *q* with quesse)

      2 tengwar
      aha and halla in *r* and *l* < *rh*, *lh*

      2 tengwar
      again as in p.32-49 the two tengwar coded 19 and 1A in the Unicode proposal (here 1A is assigned to *kt* as )

      3 tengwar
      (a) hwesta sindarinwa and halla for *hw* (intial and medial in Parmaquesta)
      (b) formen with a bar below apparently for *ff*

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