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  • May I remind that Mr HKF is *not* a reincarnation of Pr Tolkien. Mr HKF was not abale to *learn* Quenya so as to be able to _translate_ from English to that language. To translate from one language to another you have to learn BOTH of them and be FLUENT (more or less). _Vanesse caita i tirno hendesse_ is *NOT* Quenya but a Home-made code. Enjoy "HKF-code" if you like it ! But DON'T...
    laurifindil Sep 1, 2005
  • ...Really ? :) Mister Gildor when you "think", you think _wrong_! All of yours is just a "patheic game". Who cares? I don't. LOL ejk
    laurifindil Jul 12, 2005
  • ...agree, or they disagree completely to its very foundations > You're quite right. Does it make you happy to pretend to be an Elf ? ejk
    laurifindil Jul 12, 2005
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  • ...and I've been in no haste to do so, > but here goes: I know why... but I won't tell. It is not very proper. *LOL* Poor Helge... ejk
    laurifindil Jul 12, 2005
  • --- In elfscript@^$1, "Helge K. Fauskanger" wrote: > In > Sindarin, _Henair uirib_ could express "eternal brothers". > No, no. Not in Sindarin... In Helgian Mish-Mash Neo-Sindarin please. ejk
    laurifindil Jul 5, 2005
  • ...single living language, isn't it.. But it isn't but > my impression of all the stuff around. > > Lucy Yes, yes, I agree, I agree !!! ejk
    laurifindil Jul 4, 2005
  • ...Elvish as good as I know English) ? Could it be ? Try, and then tatoo anything you like on any part of you body you think is best. ejk
    laurifindil Apr 1, 2005
  • --- In elfscript@^$1, "j_mach_wust" wrote: > > Helge K. Fauskanger posted the following link to a commentary on DTS > 19/20 by Vicente S. Velasco: > > http://www.uib.no/people/hnohf/namteng.pdf > > Thanks for uploading this commentary. Unfortunately, I must tell you > that Vicente S. Velasco's commentary on DTS 19/20 is far from being > recommendable. Could that mean that Helge's...
    laurifindil Dec 27, 2004
  • --- In elfscript@^$1, "Helge K. Fauskanger" wrote: > Miss WetnWaitin (urgh!) wrote: > > > Hey people! I am pretty new to the group > > No you're not; you use exactly the same e-mail address as "Tanya" and > "Lynn" and "Bubiboo" and all your other webcam-enabled friends. > > > and I don't mean to be annoying, but I wanted to let all of you know I > finally got my webcam back...
    laurifindil Nov 17, 2004
  • > > *All Sindarin diphthongs are 'falling'. Quenya "iu" is said to be > *originally 'falling', but 'raising' by the end of the Third Age (like > *English /iu:/). > > Where does it say that? I mean, what's your source for this info about Q/S diphthongs, about Quenya "iu" in particular (always curious :))? Try a book called THE LORD OF THE RINGS, appendix E.
    laurifindil Oct 23, 2004