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Hot yoga celebrities

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  • tania paul
    [image: Remember Ash s stunning ultra slim look in Dhoom II? . The secret behind her Barbie look was yoga and spiritual meditation along with routine exercise.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2011
      [image: Remember Ash's stunning ultra slim look in Dhoom II? . The secret
      behind her Barbie look was yoga and spiritual meditation along with routine
      exercise. Ash says she owes a lot to 'Ashtang Yoga' which helps her stay
      young and fit.] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>

      [image: Kareena Kapoor is a strict vegetarian who practices 'power yoga' for
      at least two hours a day! Bebo believes in a strict diet plan along with
      yoga to shed weight. Wherever she goes, her yoga instructor Payal Gidwani
      follows.] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>

      [image: Do you want to stay hot n' sexy like Cameron Diaz? The Charlie's
      angel resorts to yoga to burn off her excess fat and stay in shape. The
      stunner in fact believes that yoga helps her to stay relaxed by maintaining
      equilibrium between the mind and body.] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>

      [image: Jennifer Lopez, the hot Latino lady, regularly attends yoga classes
      to keep her weight in check. She says it helps her to maintain her cool and
      also increases the flexibility of her body. JLo follows 'yogalosophy' - a
      ritual that combines astrology with yoga - to align her spirit and
      body.Looking at her figure, anyone would be prompted to take up yoga
      lessons!] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>

      [image: Mallika Sherawat is another diva who practices yoga. In fact the
      lady is a big fan of Baba Ramdev. She took up his classes to earn a fit body
      and glowing skin. The life of a temptress who stays in limelight is
      associated with lots of hardships as well, and Mallika is thankful to yoga
      for helping her stay in shape.] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>

      [image: Following in the footsteps of Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta has launched
      her own DVD on yoga. Lara holds the distinction of being the only Indian to
      have won the swimsuit round in an international beauty pageant, and that was
      10 years back. Ain't it amazing that even after a decade she maintains her
      superb figure? Thanks to yoga.] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>

      [image: Playboy gal Carmen Electra is another follower of yoga. The hottie
      shapes up naturally with her strict yoga schedule which she believes, works
      out her spiritual side as well. Electra has also adopted 'Bikram yoga' which
      aims towards general wellness and stress and tension

      [image: Jen is getting younger day by day, much to the worry of Angie.
      Recently, she topped the best beach body poll, and has also been named the
      most eligible single women. Maintaining Brad has become a great headache for
      Jolie these days as his ex Jen is growing prettier. Thanks to yoga, Jen
      doesn't have look out for more reasons to make Brangelina jealous. In case
      Brad gets a second thought, we all know whom to thank

      [image: Shilpa Shetty is 35, but her looks lie! Thanks to yoga, she has got
      one of the best bodies in Bollywood and she is more than willing to share
      the secrets of her enviable figure. Shilpa has released a DVD on yoga which
      was filmed in the serene background of Kerala, which focuses on improving
      the posture through simple yoga techniques. According to her, yoga helps to
      attain a lissome figure along with great inner

      [image: The ultra hot Angelina Jolie maintains her place in the top ten list
      with the help of yoga. She is the busy mom of a little army and Angie looks
      stunning as ever even after delivering the twins. For her, staying beautiful
      has become something essential these days as there is always a chance of
      losing Brad.] <http://7e063c38.filesonthe.net/>


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