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Re: [elfscript] Digest Number 219

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  • Sébastien Bertho
    ... I don t a font closer to the ring inscription thant Tengwar Cursive. Yes the sample given says : elwende cullofiniel (in a quenya mode). ... No,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002
      angelbaby :
      > okay, i did it but it doesn't look quite right - the font i used is
      > called 'tnegwar cursive' (western) - it doesn't flow the way i imagine
      > the cursive to do - like on the rings. also, it does say 'elwende
      > cullofiniel', doesn't it?

      I don't a font closer to the ring inscription thant Tengwar Cursive.
      Yes the sample given says : 'elwende cullofiniel' (in a quenya mode).

      > also, how would i write 'lachfinniel' (for 'flame-tressed'), as may
      > prefer to use it rather than cullofiniel if it looks better; and would
      > the first word (elf-maiden) still be 'elwende' in sindarin?

      No, _elwende_ is Quenya, not Sindarin. There is a word for "elf-maiden" in
      Sindarin : _elleth_.

      Mike Adams :
      > What programs, fonts, and like do you have for others to share? URLs and
      > sites are appreciated.

      Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/4948/
      Amanye Tenceli : http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at/
      TengScribe : http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at/tengscribe.htm
      YaTT (Yet another Tengwar Tool) : http://www.jadro.cz/tengwar/index.php

      may lee :
      > (1)All perfect tense forms receive the endings of
      > '-ie'( * The 'e' having two dots above) , right ?

      Yes, most of the time with a prefix of the root vowel and the root vowel
      augmented (see below).

      > (2)How do you put those two dots above words like
      > ortane , laurie etc ( Is it to do with the fonts or
      > something else ?)

      The dots are _optional_ and were only intended for English speaker to show
      that the final -e have to be pronunced. You can drop them in mails or
      mailing lists like this. I have no problem to put these dots, because I'm
      french and because French use sometimes this kind of dots.
      The dots are not rendred in tengwar or in cirth, because the final -ë just
      sound like others -e in the words.

      > (3)How does one know when to apply the prefix 'u' to
      > words like utulie , the 'a' to 'mat-'( amatie in
      > perfect tense ) or the 'i' to 'ric-' ( iricie in
      > perfect tense )( Did i get these spellings correctly
      > ?)?

      We don't know, but it seems that everytime it is possible, one should
      duplicate the root vowel in front of the word and augment the root vowel
      (ie. with an acute accent, showing that the vowel is longer) :
      _tul-_ > _utúlie_
      _mat-_ > _amátie_
      _ric-_ > _irície_

      I think that words beginning with a vowel do not duplicate the root vowel.

      > (4)Does one pronounce the words ending with 'e'(with
      > the two dots above) as in Manwe( Man weh ?) , Orome(
      > oro meh ?)


      Namárië !

      Sébastien Bertho, i estaina Lambendil Endóressë !
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