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Re: [elfscript] Mapping keyboard for real Tengwar usage

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  • Liesbeth Flobbe
    Hi! ... The newest version (5.0) is available from www.tavultesoft.com. ... Well, all the required characters *are* in Dan Smith s font files, although some of
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2002

      On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Michael Adams wrote:
      > "Dr. Berlin http://user.dtcc.edu/~berlin/ hosts a lot of foreign fonts
      > and
      > such, and while I was messing around with Arabic, I discovered this
      > great
      > program that you can download at:
      > ftp://mesa.dtcc.edu/pub/berlin/fonts/keyman32.zip

      The newest version (5.0) is available from www.tavultesoft.com.

      > Arabic letters change shape depending on their position in a word. The
      > Keyman program (running on windows 3.11, in my case, I don't know about
      > other windows versions) changes these letter shapes automatically. It
      > can
      > also be used to create keyboard drivers for say, French wich allows easy
      > insertion of cicumflexed, umlauted and accented letters. It simply
      > changes
      > the letters on the screen based on the just typed character AND the
      > characters before it."
      > Creating Tengwar will be possible, but you will only have to program the
      > driver first. It's not too hard though. But all the required characters
      > will
      > have to be inside one single font file.

      Well, all the required characters *are* in Dan Smith's font files,
      although some of them are hard to type because they have high ascii
      numbers (or ansi, I'm not sure).

      I *did* create a driver for Keyman 5.0, both for Quenya and for
      Sindarin/English. I think the Quenya driver is OK, since I actually took
      the time to learn Quenya. The Sindarin/English one is not very accurate,
      but at least it shows how to get the tehtar right in such languages.

      The drivers/keyboards are available from www.ai.rug.nl/~flobbe/tengwar. If
      you have any questionw on how to use them or what my code means, please
      ask. There are some copyright issues about Keyman 5.0 I don't like, but I
      think it's far better than the 3.2 version. Otherwise, it should be
      possible to downgrade the source code.


      Liesbeth Flobbe
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