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Franklin, "free man, landowner" (was: Re: [elfscript] Re: tengwar tattoo)

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  • Benct Philip Jonsson
    ... I couldn t resist this one. _Franklin_ means a land-owner of free but not noble birth from Anglo-French _fraunclein_. Probably related to Old French
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 5, 2009
      On 2009-09-02 j_mach_wust wrote:
      > You might also try to translate the name "Franklin" into
      > the Quenya language or the Sindarin language before
      > transcribing it with the tengwar script. I don't have
      > sufficient knowledge of these languages for doing so. A
      > good starting point for a translation might be the
      > elfling yahoogroup (and their FAQ).

      I couldn't resist this one.

      _Franklin_ means "a land-owner of free but not noble birth" from
      Anglo-French _fraunclein_. Probably related to Old French _franc_
      meaning "free" (which of course is Germanic in origin).

      As it happens there is a Sindarin word _sant_ 'garden, field, yard
      or other place in private ownership whether enclosed or not' (VT
      42:20). For owner one may coin _safn*_ from the root
      _SAM_ 'have' (PE 17:173) (as if from an Eldarin _*samno*_)[^1],
      which would give the compound _santhafn_. In Tengwar this
      would be 81E[9rE5 or 8!E[rE5, depending on whether one thinks
      _t+h_ from _*t+s_ remains in a compound like this or coalesces
      to a _th_ sound. Unfortunately we don't know any Quenya cognate
      or translation for S. _sant_, but a cognate _santa*_ can easily
      be retroconstructed. There is a Quenya word _samno_ 'carpenter',
      so it may be advisable to use another derivation than in Sindarin
      for 'haver', say the simple _-o_. This would give something like
      _santasamo*_ for 'land-haver', (in Tengwar iE4#iEt^ ) if it's a
      man and _santasame*_ (Tengwar iE4#iEt$ ) if it's a woman.

      'Free person' may be Sindarin _lainion*_ (Tengwar jhE5`B5^ )
      for a man and _lainil*_ (Tengwar jhE5jT ) for a woman;
      Quenya might be _léro*_ (Tengwar j~V7Y ) for a man and
      _lére*_ (Tengwar j~V7R ) for a woman.

      [^1]: It's not advisable to use derivatives of _HAR_/3AR_
      like _haran_ (Etym. 360) in this case, since they all
      refer to **noble** persons (a reflection of Tolkien's emphasis!)
      and this is expressly not appropriate here!

      BP 8^)>
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