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Re: [elfscript] English Sounds

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    Teithant Michael Adams: jh dj=judge, judge/ght = righteous I think you meant dge = judge ... there is no dj in the word. ght = righteous? Really? You
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 9, 2002
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      Teithant Michael Adams:

      jh dj=judge, judge/ght = righteous

      I think you meant 'dge = judge' ... there is no 'dj' in the word. 'ght'
      = righteous? Really? You pronounce it 'rye - juss'? According to the
      phonetic respellings in dictionaries and every spoken example I've
      heard, this sound (actually, the 't' in 'righteous'; the 'gh' is
      attached to the 'i' to lengthen it and has no bearing on the following
      consonant) has the same sound you list as 'ch'.

      tt t=writer dd=udder
      ah o=pot

      Apparently you mean 'American English sounds'. In standard English,
      '-t-' and '-dd-' do _not_ have the same sound. Similarly, 'o = ah' is
      not Standard English. Standard pronunciation of short 'o' is as in
      'ford'; 'pot' has that vowel sound.

      w w=with (voiceless W)
      wh = voiced wh=which

      Actually, you have that backwards ... sort of. 'w' in 'with' is voiced.
      'wh' in 'which' is voiceless ... in certain regional dialects. Most
      varieties of English do not distinguish between voiced and voiceless 'w'
      except in writing and always use the voiced version in pronunciation.

      I i=bit

      Using an upper case 'I' here looks like a lower case 'L' on my browser!

      ^ u=but/ou = tough

      But above, you wrote "? u=uh-oh" ... this is the same sound as the 'u'
      in 'but' or the 'ou' in 'tough'. Did you mean that you use '?' to
      represent the glottal stop? If so, that is _not_ the 'u' in 'uh-oh'.

      Cuio mae, Danny.

      ~ I do everything my Rice Crispies tell me to do ... you're just jealous
      because the voices are talking to ME! ~
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