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Re: Memorial Tattoo Assistance?

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  • lieseyheezy
    Hi there. Thank you so much for your help. That really clarified stuff for me. It s great to know that both versions are at least somewhat correct , even if
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2009
      Hi there. Thank you so much for your help. That really clarified stuff
      for me. It's great to know that both versions are at least somewhat
      "correct", even if one is more correct.

      After reviewing my options I really think that "Andy" looks better in
      Quenya. As you said, it's such a short word that it has the potential
      to look really ugly, but in Quenya it looks a little Arabic to me,
      whereas the Sindarin looks...not pretty (at least to me).

      I'm probably going to have to wait a little longer to actually get
      this tattoo done, seeing as I just had to spontaneously spend 800
      dollars to fix my car, but when I get it, I'll try to post pics.

      Any other recommendations? I figure I will probably give the tattoo
      artist some creative input with how the actual letters look, but if
      you have any suggestions as far as what kind of font/writing style to
      use, I'd love to hear them!

      Thanks again!

      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Palatinus <elfiness@...> wrote:
      > Hi... it's really nice that you know exactly what you want :)
      > As the first site says, there are many ways to write something. One
      big variation between the modes is that a vowel will be either
      preceding or following the consonant according to the mode the text is
      written. That means if you write T with the sign of A above, it can be
      read either as AT or as TA depending to the mode. The site you
      provided talks about these variation in the introduction, they are the
      "Sindarin style" and the "Quenya style" and that the author prefers
      the latter. The examples he gave are of that style
      > On the other hand, when Tolkien (and his son, Christopher) wrote in
      English, they used the "Sindarin style", and this was consistent in
      all the original published examples I have seen. Of course there must
      have been other English texts where Tolkien writes English "Quenya
      style" but evenif this is the case, they must be an exception and
      Tolkien did prefer the "Sindarin style". Please someone correct me if
      I am wrong.
      > The second link (the on-line transcriber) transcribes English
      "Sindarin style" as Tolkien preferred, and therefore I would prefer
      this solution.
      > Also, since Andy is a short word and might look ugly, there are
      other English modes which use full letters for vowels (not signs)
      which might look better
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      > From: lieseyheezy <lieseyheezy@...>
      > To: elfscript@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2009 11:08:03 AM
      > Subject: [elfscript] Memorial Tattoo Assistance?
      > Hi guys. Though I am a girl who has a deep love of Tolkien's work, I
      > have very little knowledge of his work with languages and while
      > attempting to research, I've come out with contradictory information.
      > Basically I'm confused as all hell and need some help.
      > I'm trying to get a memorial tattoo for a dear friend of mine who died
      > a year ago. I want to get it of his name (Andy) in Elvish, but no I
      > don't really know what KIND of elvish/Tolkien writing I want, so
      > basically I want to know what my options are. It's very important to
      > me that I get this right.
      > The first version that I found was this, which seemed to lay it out
      > pretty simply:
      > http://www.starcham ber.com/paracels us/elvish/ elvish-in-
      ten-minutes. html
      > (they used the name andy as an example. how convenient!)
      > However, a few sites (such as this one:
      > http://tengwar. art.pl/tengwar/ ott/start. php?l=en) that I've seen
      > have had all the same characters, but all in different positions, and
      > I can't tell which is correct.
      > Does anyone have any suggestions/ ideas for what would look best AND be
      > most accurate? I'm fairly sure I don't want an actual translation of
      > his name into elvish, just the letter-by-letter version, but I
      > probably could be swayed. Any particular Tolkien language that you
      > think would be best for my purposes? Any other assorted suggestions?
      > Thank you so much. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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