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  • Angasule
    ... Yes, it is! Unfortunately I don t know of any other Tolkien reader in Brazil, since I don t have much contact with brazilians (I don t speak portuguese at
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 14, 2000
      mariana nascimbem blaser wrote:
      > Actually I'm not from Argentina, but from Brazil. I'm sorry to disappoint
      > you Angasule, butr after all we are neighbors. that'something, wright?
      Yes, it is! Unfortunately I don't know of any other Tolkien reader in
      Brazil, since I don't have much contact with brazilians (I don't speak
      portuguese at all).

      > I just read Tolkien's biography, and only now I understood the complexity of
      > his work. I know almost nothing about his writings, and probably I'll only
      > learn in this discussion group. That's why I'm readind The Hobbit again -
      > and in sequence I'll read The Lord of the Rings - just to remember the
      > story, because I read it a few years ago and didn't have any contact with it
      > again.
      I'd recommend you read the Silmarillion afterwards, too, since that's
      where the languages develop, by the Lord of the Rings elvish languages
      are quite stable (I'm talking inside Middle Earth, not in Tolkien's
      head!). The Hobbit itself has little language relevance, but it's a
      great story (I still grab it from time to time and read a few pages)

      > So forgive me if I can't bring any contribution (yet) to all of you, and I
      > may say already that I'm sorry for all the questions I'll certainly make, as
      > well as my huge english mistakes (I haven't practiced for a wile).
      Don't worry about your English, no one will critize it here! And asking
      questions is the best way to learn, so feel free to ask anytime :)
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