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Re: The Sarati: Phonetic Form on Amanye Tenceli

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  • Måns Björkman
    ... welcome. ... I have intentionally avoided the terms above and below , for exactly the reasons you give, and instead adopted a terminology as described
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 26, 2006
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Melroch 'Aestan <melroch@...> wrote:
      > Måns Björkman skrev:
      > > Mellyn!
      > >
      > > Today I have added a description of the Phonetic Form of the Sarati to
      > > Amanye Tenceli. Comments and suggestions are of course more than
      > >
      > > Direct link: http://at.mansbjorkman.net/sarati_phonetic.htm
      > >
      > > Yours,
      > > Måns
      > >
      > Very nicely done, but it is hard to know what is meant
      > with "above" and "below" a sarat, as it may in practice
      > mean "to the left or right", depending on the writing
      > direction. A note about that may be helpful.

      I have intentionally avoided the terms "above" and "below", for
      exactly the reasons you give, and instead adopted a terminology as
      described on the Overview page: "On this site I instead refer to the
      _front_, _back_, _top_ and _bottom_ of sarati, the front being the
      side facing the following sarat in the reading direction, and the top
      being the end always attached to the bar." Perhaps this should be
      pointed out in each valuation description as well.

      > Similarly examples of the vowel symbolizations as
      > applied on both 'barred' and 'unbarred' sarati would
      > be clarifying.

      I see what you mean. I will consider it.

      > Also the table of consonant sarati is became a bit
      > hard to read, both when printed out, since ut gets
      > scaled down, and on-screen, since it spills out
      > over the right edge of the screen, and at least
      > two of my browsers activated the horizontal
      > scrollbar. I had to open the picture in a separate
      > window. Perhaps it is possible to split it up into
      > several smaller tables based on manners of articulation?

      I'm aware that the size of the table is an issue. Dividing it into
      several smaller tables is certainly an idea. I think I'll do that.

      > (This said I expect my planned pages on the Cirth will
      > be full of quirks and blunders which you all can
      > nitpick about...)

      Looking forward to it! ;-)

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