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Re: [elfscript] Translation of " Never satisfied"

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    ... I don t think *_lá oi_ works as never . _oi_ is glossed as ever, eternal (cf. _Oiolosse_ Ever-white ): that is, at all times, always, forever .
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 14, 2006
      On Jul 11, 2006, at 11:20 AM, Helge K. Fauskanger wrote:

      > > Hi mates! After hours searching in all dictionnaries... I was
      > unable to
      > > find the translation of those words : " Never" and " satisfied"
      > "Never satisfied"? _Lá oi quátina_ "not ever filled", perhaps.

      I don't think *_lá oi_ works as "never". _oi_ is glossed as 'ever,
      eternal' (cf. _Oiolosse_ 'Ever-white'): that is, 'at all times,
      always, forever'. Simply negating this with _lá_ would therefore mean
      'not at all times, not always, not forever', and thus in effect 'at
      some time(s)'. This is not the sense of "never", and the proposed
      sentence would seem instead to mean 'not always filled', rather than
      the desired sense of 'never filled'.

      Instead, you might negate the (supposed) substitute for "satisfied",
      *_quátina_ 'filled', i.e.:

      *_oi lá quátina_ 'forever unfilled'

      Better still might be a use of _ú-_ in its sense of 'impossible' with
      the ending _-ma_ '-able', both featuring in the attested word
      _únótima_ 'not possible to count, countless' (VT39:14); thus:

      *_úquátima_ 'unfillable'

      The remaining problem here is that we have no indication that _quat-_
      'fill' can be used idiomatically in Quenya in such a metaphorical
      sense as 'satisfy'.
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