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'Dork' World Premiere at GenCon! Finally!

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    FINALLY! ‘DORK OF THE RINGS’ WORLD PREMIERE!! AT GENCON After years (literally) of waiting, it’s finally time for the world premiere of the highly
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2006

      After years (literally) of waiting, it’s finally time
      for the world premiere of the highly anticipated (by
      it’s fans and friends, at least) of the Richardson
      Productions film “The Dork of the Rings”!

      It will take place at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN
      (August 10th – 13th). You can find more info at the
      convention’s website – www.gencon.com - but here’s a
      rundown of our schedule so you can decide what else to
      skip so you can catch us J

      THURSDAY : 7pm to 8:30pm – “Dork of the Rings” Sneak
      Preview. (We’ve added new scenes and SFX, so if you
      think you’re gonna see the ‘same-old’, think again my
      FRIDAY : 1:30pm to 2:30pm – the computer team from
      ‘DotR’ will be on the panel for Creating 3-D Computer
      FX for Movies. We rock.
      10pm to 12am – “Dork of the Rings”
      WORLD PREMIERE! Cast and crew will be there for a Q&A
      session after the screening. Attack at will.
      SATURDAY : 5pm to 6pm – “The Making of Muddle-Earth:
      Behind the Scenes of Dork of the Rings”. Watch us all
      lose our minds on realizing what we’ve done.

      There will be 2 more screenings of the film – Saturday
      at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 8 am. Plus, we
      ‘ll have our requisite booth-o-goodies, and characters
      in costume. Again, attack at will. And stop by the
      booth to say hello (or nag me for all the blogging
      I’ve ruined over the past year). For more info, check
      out our website (www.dorkoftherings.com), or go to the
      GenCon website. You can get either daily or
      full-weekend passes by pre-registering early. The
      extended date is through July 21, so you’ve still got
      some time, but here’s a price list just in case:

      4-Day Pass: $75
      Thursday Pass: $45
      Friday Pass: $45
      Saturday Pass: $45
      Sunday Pass: $35

      DRAGONCON: We’ve been accepted to screen! Over Labor
      Day weekend in Atlanta in THE largest (so I’ve been
      told) Sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention in these United
      States. Several of the production crew and cast will
      be out there to take part as panelists for the Indie
      Filmmakers track, and also run 2 seminars about the
      making of DotR through the Tokien track. For more on
      this, check out www.dragoncon.org, OR join up with
      many others on OUR mailing list at the site.

      We’ll also be doing Public Premieres at Indiana
      University – South Bend, IN (duh), so if you’re in the
      area, why not stop by and say hello? Give us a pat on
      the back, let us know what you think?
      The premieres will be on Saturday, September 23, and
      Sunday, September 24; and also running in October the
      6th through the 8th.

      And to end this; remember that nerdy kid from the
      dearly-departed NBC television series “Ed”? No? Well,
      how about that nerdy kid in the flick “Dodgeball”?
      Still nothin’? OK, how about that nerdy kid in the
      film “Jeepers Creepers”? Oh, THAT guy! He’s actor
      Justin Long, and our dubious doer of anti-production,
      Jack Peterson, has captured him (on FILM, people, calm
      down!) for our mockumentary “Dorkers”. You’ll be able
      to see the doc at The Gathering of the Fellowship and
      Elf II this summer.

      And with that, I bid you all ado…until the next blog…

      Tara E.
      Marketing Slave (and still loving it!)

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