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It's Official! "Dorks" at The One Ring Celebration!

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    Well, here we go! The indie comedy The Dork of the Rings , which has made it s way across the country and the world, will be a part of The One Ring
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2006
      Well, here we go!

      The indie comedy "The Dork of the Rings", which has
      made it's way across the country and the world, will
      be a part of The One Ring Celebration in Pasedena, CA,
      January 20th-22nd! (Yup, this weekend.)

      The cast and crew, along with esteemed co-director
      Jack Peterson, will be on hand with Elijah Wood and
      Sean Astin at the biggest Con this year! They'll be
      appearing with previews of the movie, documentaries on
      the making of the film, and panel discussions.

      Wanna get in on the excitement of a fast rising,
      soon-to-be cult classic? You can go to the Dork
      website at www.dorkoftherings.com for updates, press
      releases, and Jack's Blog.

      You can also head to Jack's own personal page at
      MySpace.com (http://www.myspace.com/jackthegenius) to
      read Jack's rants and raves on his very favorite
      subject. Himself.

      Still at the Dork website? Click on "Buy Our Stuff" to
      order the DVD of our recent event "Dorks Gone Wild!",
      or to order one of our newest T-Shirts. Have everyone
      around you look at you funny and say, "So...what's
      your shirt about, anyway?"

      Serious about wanting to get involved? Find out how
      you can become a sponsor - see your name up on the big
      screen! Go to our website, or email me directly at
      duketrk@... to find out how. Just make sure
      you put in the subject box: Dork sponsor. I scan my
      email like I scan my voicemail...

      We're excited about O.R.C., and hope to see you there!
      If you see us first, stop and say hello!


      Tara Eary,
      Marketing and Sales for "Dork of the Rings"

      P.S. - Look out for the next Richardson Production,
      "Harvey Putter and the Gobblers of Fire", soon to be
      hounding a webgroup near you!

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