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Announcing Tengwar Telcontar - a Unicode font

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  • Johan Winge
    Today it is my pleasure to make public my latest font project, a Unicode font with support for Tengwar, which I have decided to call Tengwar Telcontar. An
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
      Today it is my pleasure to make public my latest font project, a Unicode
      font with support for Tengwar, which I have decided to call Tengwar
      Telcontar. An illustration of the design can be seen in this PDF-file:


      As you might know, the first discussions on how to encode Tengwar into
      Unicode took place over a decade ago, and the first official proposal for
      inclusion of Tengwar in Unicode was submitted by Michael Everson eight
      years ago, but to this day Tengwar still lacks an official encoding
      standard. While this is regrettable in many ways, the positive side is
      that it enables us to further discuss and refine the proposal. Such
      discussions, under the lead of Everson, have taken place on this forum,
      and the resulting discussion papers can be seen on the website of the
      ConScript Unicode Registry:


      However, I don't think a final consensus was ever worked out, and there is
      indisputably still room for improvements. Therefore, I wish to revive the
      encoding discussions, and by providing a workable Unicode font, where
      encoding ideas can be tested and experienced in practice, I hope to
      further increase the interest in the Tengwar encoding proposal and the
      recognition of some of the benefits of Unicode.

      The home page of the Telcontar project can be reached at the following URL:


      It should be noted that working with Tengwar Telcontar differs in many
      respects from what we are used to, working with fonts that follow the
      encoding of Dan Smith. On the home page I have tried to produce a basic
      introduction to the concept of Unicode and to so called "smart" fonts, and
      I have also provided a tutorial which teaches how to install and start to
      work with Tengwar Telcontar. This should hopefully answer at least some
      questions. (If some still persists, I am of course happy to try to answer

      Also, it should be noted that Tengwar Telcontar is somewhat more demanding
      when it comes to operating systems, than usual fonts. To use it, you will
      need either some later version of Windows (2000 or XP), or some modern
      Linux distribution. Regrettably, MacOS is, to the best of my knowledge,
      not currently supported, due to the lack of the "smart" font technology of
      Tengwar Telcontar (called Graphite) on that platform.

      Finally, Tengwar Telcontar is still very much a work in progress, and you
      should not be surprised if you encounter bugs in the rendering of some of
      the more complicated character combinations, e.g. when it comes to the
      stacking of multiple tehtar on one tengwa. Also, some tengwar and tehtar
      still await to be included, but the font should be fully usable in at
      least some modes.

      Best regards,
      Johan Winge
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