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tengwar font updates

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  • j_mach_wust
    Måns Björkman wrote: ... ... Johan Winge wrote: ... ... Within a few days, two of the best tengwar fonts have been updated. For the first times, there are
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2005
      Måns Björkman wrote:
      > Tengwar Parmaite v. 2 can be found at
      > http://web.comhem.se/~u86023928/at/parmaite.htm

      Johan Winge wrote:
      > I'm happy to announce that a new version of Tengwar
      > Annatar has been released:
      > http://home.student.uu.se/jowi4905/fonts/annatar.html

      Within a few days, two of the best tengwar fonts have been updated.
      For the first times, there are tengwar fonts that cover all attested
      tengwar signs, so it's been directly from zero to two. Thanks a lot to
      Måns Björkman and to Johan Winge! A great job of both of you!

      Both fonts are now actually not single fonts any more, but double
      fonts, that is, both have chosen to follow Dan Smith's example. This
      makes typing more difficult, but it's also an advantage for those who
      don't have full unicode support yet (e.g. me).

      I'm working on Mac OSX 10.2, and therefore the fonts are not native to
      my system, but they still work. I just can't view them in the built-in
      Character Palette application (which I could with the previous version
      of tengwar annatar), and I had troubles with tengwar parmaite alt
      font, but I could solve them by opening it with a free demo of
      BitFonter and save it as a mac ttf. The key mapping of the tengwar
      parmaite font fits better on a mac, since I can access all the
      characters from non-unicode applications, whereas there are a few
      characters in tengwar annatar I can only access from unicode applications.

      I've just finished a pdf that describes how the tengwar parmaite
      characters can be accessed in non-unicode macintosh applications (on
      the U.S. keyboard). I've uploaded it to the files section:

      Thanks again for the wonderful work of both Måns Björkman and Johan
      Winge! They've enriched everybody who types in tengwar!

      j. 'mach' wust
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