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Re: [elfscript] Please review my translation

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    ... http://www.photo.net.ph/albums/userpics/10415/quenya.JPG ... yes, there are many... the one of the Juli ring is supposed to look like the One Ring
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2005
      > And using TengScribe, Ive come up with this:
      > (1st line is for Tina, 2nd line is for Randy)
      > I tried Tengscribe with the Juli inscription and it
      > returns
      > something similar - using Tengwar Sindarin font -
      > except that the one
      > used on the Juli ring is a little more cursive than
      > the one from
      > tengscribe (maybe i have a different font in my
      > computer)...and the

      yes, there are many... the one of the 'Juli' ring is
      supposed to look like the One Ring inscription which
      is informally (I don't know if Tolkien mentions it
      like that) we call it 'cursive'

      'Tengwar Sindarin' is not a cursive font, but a formal
      one.. you can find a font called 'tengwar cursive'
      which is intended to look like the One Ring

      there is also one, I think it's called 'Elfica' (but I
      think it's someone else that came out shortly after
      'Elfica') which is a combination of both: in 'normal'
      it looks like the formal book hand, but if you put the
      text in italic script, it will look like cursive!

      please someone verify the nameof the font I am
      referring to!

      > initial character of Juli's name is different from
      > the result of
      > Tengscribe...

      yes, because they used 'Yuli', not 'Juli'.. J being a
      sound not occuring in Elvish AFAIK

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