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Re: Help fix spacing in Tengwar Annatar

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  • Gregson Vaux
    Johan, My only comment about Annatar is that I would like longer stems for the italic version (I guess that a stem is called a telco). I read that this font
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 5, 2004
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      My only comment about Annatar is that I would like longer stems for
      the italic version (I guess that a stem is called a telco). I read
      that this font used to have longer stems but for some reason they were
      shortened but it would be nice if there were an alternate font with
      longer stems.


      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Johan Winge" <johan.winge@t...> wrote:
      > Just a reminder, so that this is not forgotten. I will start
      > the data I have received at the end of this week, so, if you want to
      > contribute, please send in your values before december 12.
      > Remember that you don't have to analyze all pairs, so if you think
      it is
      > too much of work to judge all of them, its perfectly allright and
      > helpful, if you submit values only for some of them.
      > Note: I'm especially interested in no. 1-36 and 163-198, and also all
      > pairs where the last tengwa is lambe, alda, hyarmen or yanta, i.e. the
      > previously mentioned pairs plus 45, 46, 49, 50 etc..
      > Thank you!
      > -- Johan Winge
      > On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 23:05:38 +0100, Johan Winge <johan.winge@t...>
      > wrote:
      > > I'm looking for people who want to help me fine-tuning the spacing
      of the
      > > next version of my font Tengwar Annatar. The task is easy and simple,
      > > though perhaps somewhat boring. ;-) You will need a bit of
      patience, some
      > > basic aesthetic common sense, and ideally a high quality printer.
      > > or equivalent.)
      > >
      > > Just download the file
      > > http://home.student.uu.se/jowi4905/fonts/kerntest.pdf and print it
      > > as
      > > a last resort, zoom in the pages on your monitor so that the gradual
      > > increase in spacing is obvious and uniform.)
      > >
      > > Then, for each one of the 342 lines, select the pair of tengwar
      which you
      > > like most, those that have just the right amount of space between
      > > in
      > > your opinion. Some guidelines:
      > >
      > > * Don't think too much. Just go ahead and choose what you think looks
      > > best. (Otherwise it will take you ages, and there are no
      guaranties the
      > > result will be better anyway.) Give an average if you can't deside
      on one
      > > particular pair.
      > >
      > > * There is nothing special with the column named 0. There is no
      point in
      > > striving to get your choices equally distributed on both sides of this
      > > value, just because it is named zero. If you find that you tend to
      > > many negative values, that just means that you want a more dense
      > > and
      > > that is perfectly all right. Likewise, if most of your choices are
      > > positive, you want a wider font than the current version. This is your
      > > chance of making your opinion count! You will probably find that your
      > > numeric values vary a great deal.
      > >
      > > * Be consistent! This is of the highest importance. Ideally, jump back
      > > once in a while and check that you still prefer the same amount of
      > > spacing, visually speaking, as you did before.
      > >
      > > Then send your 342 values (or how much or less you managed to do)
      to me,
      > > for example in an Excel file, or as a normal text file. (In the last
      > > case,
      > > be careful not to accidently skip one value. Ideally the values
      should be
      > > enumerated in some way.)
      > >
      > > Thank you! Your help is highly appreciated!
      > > -- Johan Winge
      > >
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