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Re: First attempt, gift idea

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  • j_mach_wust
    ... http://photos.groups.yahoo.com/group/elfscript/vwp?.dir=/&.src=gr&.dnm=Kristi+Tengwar.jpg Hi What you ve written reads _Kriste_, not _Kristi_. Except for
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 20, 2004
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Djehuty" <z_mullins@h...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > I have been reading up and studying the group for a while and
      > decided it was time for me to make my first attempt to write
      > something. My fiance has just came into contact with LOTR and loves
      > it. I think it would be an interesting gift to give her translated
      > name as a gift. I have posted the link to the pic, please let me
      > know if anything needs corrected as I am eager to learn from my
      > errors and above all else, get things right :) Thank you for any
      > help!!!


      What you've written reads _Kriste_, not _Kristi_. Except for that, it
      looks okay.

      As Gregson Vaux has pointed out, it's more common to place the vowel
      signs above the following letters. Since the name ends with a vowel,
      this would require the last vowel to be put on the carrier (which
      looks like an <i> without the dot). However, it's not necessary to
      place the vowels on the following letters, since there are also
      attested samples of English written with the vowels on the preceding
      letters, so the way you put it is in accordance with Tolkien's use.

      j. 'mach' wust
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