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Re: [elfscript] Tengwar Unicode comments

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    ... Okay, Michael. :) ... CJRT s Tengwar inscriptions contain many oddities that his father never used ( stemless anna for /s/, vowels being placed freely
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 28, 2000
      Michael Everson wrote:
      > (Call me Michael.) I am only too delighted to be corrected.

      Okay, Michael. :)

      > >4. The title page Tengwar inscriptions in _The Silmarillion_ and _The
      > >Lost Road_ were not written by Tolkien, and should thus not be treated
      > >as reliable sources. From this follows that xx34 TENGWAR LETTER REVERSED
      > >PARMA and xx35 TENGWAR LETTER REVERSED FORMEN should be removed (xx4B
      > >TENGWAR SIGN RIGHT CURL BELOW is attested in "Edwin Lowdham's
      > >manuscript").
      > Arden Smith pointed out the Christopher Tolkien MSS. I don't know, what is
      > consensus? Obviously we don't want to encode just any tengwa any body
      > invented, but what about these?

      CJRT's Tengwar inscriptions contain many oddities that his father never
      used ("stemless anna" for /s/, vowels being placed freely below the
      letters, etc.). Either Christopher hasn't studied his father's English
      tengwar inscriptions in great detail, or he has chosen to ignore them
      and made up his own conventions. If these mirrored tengwar of his are to
      be considered at all (and I beleive they shouldn't), it ought to be as
      allographs of the letters they most resemble, since they carry the same
      sound value.

      Of course, I don't know if there is any "consensus" in this area, but I
      hope so. :)


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