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Re: PLEASE HELP!! Transcription and translation

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  • calwen76
    ... it anywhere. Valor is the closest english runner up for this concept and if I ve translated it correctly in sindarin it is Ber. I don t recognize such
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 8, 2004
      > --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "jshebroe75" <jshebroe75@y...>
      > > tengwar transcriber and its confusing me too. What i want is
      > > simple. I want to know the word for "Chivalry" and i cant find
      it anywhere. "Valor" is the closest english runner up for this
      concept and if I've translated it correctly in sindarin it
      is "Ber."

      I don't recognize such word. What I thought up is *_meatheth_ ['stem'
      _maeth-_ (root MAK- in V:371; VT45:30-31 and a possible ending for
      such purpose].

      > > Also i want the term "A dying breed" in quenyan. The closest
      I've come to that is "dying race." "Fir" meaning "die" as a verb
      itself and "Fired" as a gerund verb for "dying."

      I can't say for *Quenya* (please, I ask you not to use _quenyan_, the
      language is called _Quenya_ and the adjective form is identical) but
      in Noldorin/Sindarin it could be *_noss 'wannen_:
      _noss_ 'clan, house, family' [E:378; NO-];
      *_gwannen_ 'dying' [WAN-: gwanno 'die, depart' in E:397] ->
      _-en_ an assumed adjectival ending

      ('dying' is an adjective here, not a gerund form). Nouns are in most
      cases put before the adjectives and in that position they appear to
      mutate, the _g_ is lost and turns to a mute sound expressed by an
      apostroph in Latin, by Gasdil in Tengwar - Beleriand mode.
      {wo-wo-wow, I couldn't wait to read Arden's contribution on Tengwar
      and FINALLY find out that _halla_ was the cache-cache tengwa :)
      Thanks, Carl, Pat and Arden, great reading, and Karyn for the mail-
      out help}
      If you really want to enjoy the transcription, bestow some energy and
      time to learn a bit of Tengwar from Mans Bojorkman's and Per Lindberg
      guides (Mach has already mentioned where you can find the links). I
      neither recommend the transcribers, they often fail to be trustworthy
      and precise. If you'd need any help, appeal for it here, we'll be
      happy to advise you.

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