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  • Gildor Inglorion
    teithant Guellaouen@gmx.de ... Quenya, as I didn t find any Quenya mention of the word wolf . My best guess was (d)rauco (in analogy to several other words
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2002

      teithant Guellaouen@...

      > 1) I tried to make up a translation from the Sindarin "(d)raug" into
      Quenya, as I didn't find any Quenya mention of the word "wolf". My best
      guess was "(d)rauco" (in analogy to several other words and the way their
      phonems changed, but 'rauco' is already reserved for "demon" (and 'rocco'
      is "horse", afaik), both of wich seem unsatisfying. Is there a canon
      translation of "wolf" in Quenya?
      I found a stem "darαk" in the Etymologic list on the Ardalambion, but am
      not sure if it will then be eactly this word in Quenya use...

      * in case you need to derive Sindarin words to Quenya you need to know the etymology... wolf would be **rauco in Quenya if it was derived by **D'RAW or something like that :) however the true form is _raaca_ (long a often becames au in Sindarin, cf Q. caano "herald" S. caun) and _narmo_

      > 2) How would you translate "Eru's eye may watch over you"?

      My guess was 'Nai hen Ero tirailro ye'
      => 'It-may-be-that (the) Eye of-Eru he-shall-watch-over you' (?),
      but I'm not sure about that...

      * Nai hen Eruo tiruva len... the wishing formula is formed with nai+future (-uva)... "you" is no related to **ye...

      > 3) How's the reflexive form built in Quenya?

      e.g. "I cut myself", "You heal yourself", "He occupies himself" ?

      * i dont seem to remember any examples by Tolkien but i think that a possible form would be something like _cita-nye-n_ "i cut myself".. _envinya-lye-l_ "you heal yourself" etc...

      note that some verbs are both transitive and intransitive.. orta- means both "arise" and "raise"

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