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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    ... I m not saying it isn t, I m just curious where I went wrong. You rendered forth, and fear no darkness as _et sin arcaure la loome_. Maybe _et_ out,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 11, 2004
      > I'd be interested in knowing why my wording isn't correct, or as correct.
      I'm not saying it isn't, I'm just curious where I went wrong.

      You rendered "forth, and fear no darkness" as _et sin arcaure la loome_.

      Maybe _et_ "out, forth" can be used as an interjection like this, but I am
      not convinced. _Sin_ means "now". _Arcaure_ must be two words _ar caure_,
      but while this does mean "and fear", _caure_ is "fear" as a NOUN, not as a
      verb. _La loome_ could mean "no(t) night/darkness", but this wording seems
      like an Anglicism to me. Tolkien's own examples indicate that _áva_ (or
      _ála_) is the negative command "do not". The verb "fear" is _ruc-_, said to
      be constructed with "from" (presumably the ablative case if prepositions
      are not used) of the thing that is feared. The standard translation of
      "darkness" is _mornie_, known from such a central text as Namárie. _Áva
      ruce morniello_ would seem to be an acceptable way of saying "do not fear
      darkness", when we put together all the pieces of info Tolkien provided. At
      least it is a wording that is rather easier to justify than "arcaure la
      loome", which I suspect is almost meaningless ("andfright no night"?)

      > Also, the "=" makes a floating dot when I use the various fonts. I just
      wanted to make sure this isn't an error.

      No, it's right. I believe this is what a proper Tengwa "comma" should look
      like. I use Tengscribe to produce the transcriptions I suggest here, but I
      make sure to have a space both before and following the comma before I let
      the software transcribe it: The "comma" should hover between two words, not
      attaching itself to either.

      - HKF
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