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Re: [elfscript] Re: name transcription

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    ... Well _that_ response is _surely_ going to a) be helpful and b) promote peace. Whatever flaws Edouard s tone may have, there is an indisputable core of
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 14 10:19 AM
      On Jun 14, 2004, at 11:52 AM, i_degilbor wrote:

      > Teithant Calwen Rûdh:
      >> --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "laurifindil" <ejk@f...> wrote:
      >>> No, not Quenya at all. Quenya is a language made up by Pr
      > Tolkien,
      >> and
      >>> not by Mr Bican.
      >>> Tyultare is a _Mish-mash_ word made up by a "fan"; it is
      > unrelated
      >> to
      >>> Tolkien's languages.
      >>> ejk
      >> What would you suggest then? :)
      >> Lucy
      > He wouldn't suggest anything. Edouard's only joy on Elfscript is to
      > complain about attempts by anyone other than Tolkien.
      > Cuio mae, Danny.

      Well _that_ response is _surely_ going to a) be helpful and b) promote

      Whatever flaws Edouard's tone may have, there is an indisputable core
      of truth
      to what he says; and the failure to recognize this truth is betrayed by
      Lucy's own
      response: for _any_ poorly attested language, like Quenya and Sindarin
      Etruscan and Gothic and so on and on and on, the only correct answer to
      translation questions will be, "we don't know". The fact that almost
      nobody says
      that, but instead simply makes up "the" answer, and presents it as
      though it were
      not entirely hypothetical and as though it were secure and certain and
      is a _major_ defect of the whole "Neo-Elvish" phenomenon, at least so
      far as it
      pretends to be based on Tolkien's languages.

      I remind everyone that the original question was: "Would the correct
      way to
      transcribe my name [Stacy] into quenya be Tyultare?" This question
      presumes three things that are indisputably untrue: first, that
      there is a single, complete, authoritative "Quenya"; second, that
      _tyultare_ is an attested "Quenya" form; and second, that this
      (and any other) question can be gauged against this non-existent
      "Quenya" to judge grammatical correctness of any and all sentences,
      forms, and constructions. Lucy's answer, relying as it does on Ales
      Bican's site as the authority, gives the false impression that
      _tyultare_ is both authoritative and Quenya; when in fact neither
      is true. Edouard's response may come across as abrasive, but at
      least it has the virtue of being at its core factual. Lucy's
      response may have seemed helpful to the questioner -- and for their
      purposes, was probably perfectly helpful, as concern for authenticity
      and for the standards by which correctness is judged (that is, aside
      from "somebody has it on their site, somewhere") are barely in evidence
      among the "Neo-"crowd); but it was (unintentionally, I am quite sure)
      also quite misleading, and false.

      For the record, and to reiterate: the only _correct_ answer to the
      original question is: we don't know.

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