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  • Danielle Shears
    Hello, I m new here and don t know much about elvish script or how to write it, but my husband wants to put his last name on his arm in elvish. Is there a web
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 21, 2004
      Hello, I'm new here and don't know much about elvish script or how to write it, but my husband wants to put his last name on his arm in elvish. Is there a web site where we can find the elvish alphabet so we can at least try to figure out how to write out what he wants?


      Melroch 'Aestan <melroch@...> wrote:
      Hi Sian!

      The graphic with "To the memory of Ben" is attached
      to this message.

      At 10:44 19.2.2004, Sian Compassi wrote:

      >Thankyou for your reply,
      >It is Ben as in Benjamin.
      >Thanx for pointing out to me that i needed the full name, i would never have
      >even thought it would make a difference.
      >It means a lot to me that you replied, i didn't think anyone would bother,
      >If i can do anything for you let me know.

      I usually don't bother about the many requests for
      transcription and/or translation help on Elfscript,
      unless I find the linguistic aspects challenging and
      interesting, but in this case I have a further reason:
      I too lost a loved one -- my father -- before his time,
      so I know what you are going through.

      Sadly it is not easy to translate Hebrew names into Elvish
      (Sindarin or Quenya) since they are quite different in style
      from the Elvish names devised by Tolkien, or the Old Germanic
      naming style on which Elvish naming customs were modelled.
      In fact Benjamin is especially difficult, because it means both
      "Son of the South" and "Son of the Right Hand". Because in
      Hebrew you face east when telling the directions of the compass
      south becomes "right", but in Elvish you face west when telling
      the directions, so there south becomes "left"!

      It struck me however that I was not entirely right when I
      asserted that "Ben" by itself doesn't mean anything, because
      "ben" is indeed the Hebrew word word for "son"! But how,
      then, to turn "son" into something suitably similar to an
      Elvish personal name? There is a process in Quenya by which
      a common word may be turned into a designation or a name:
      this is called "vowel-strengthening" and consists in
      adding an i- or a copy of the root vowel before the word,
      as exemplified by Tolkien with the personal name Ingoldo,
      derived from Noldo "member of the Noldor tribe".
      The Quenya word for "son" is "yondo" which by root-vowel
      strengthening would become "Oyondo", which can be equated
      with "Son written with a capital S", or "Ben" used as a
      personal name.

      Now the only attested word which comes close to "memorial"
      is "enyalie", translated as "recalling, commemoration", so
      The Quenya for "To the memory of Ben" would to the best
      of my abilities be "Oyondo Enyalien".

      I have uploaded a file with these words written in Tengwar
      (Elvish script) to


      I will also send it directly to Sian in a private mail.

      I hope this helps!

      /Benct Philip

      /BP 8^)
      B.Philip Jonsson mailto:melrochX@... (delete X)
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      "A coincidence, as we say in Middle-Earth" (JRR Tolkien)

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