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Re: I need a little help

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    ... work is so ... close bond ... Sam in ... my own ... don t know ... wise, ... second ... and the ... could have ... o_? Or ... assimilation (known ... in
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 2, 2004
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Helge K. Fauskanger"
      <helge.fauskanger@n...> wrote:
      > ertuile wrote:
      > >In April when I turn 18, I'm getting a tattoo. Since Tolkien's
      work is so
      > important to me I wanted to get an Elvish tattoo. I feel a very
      close bond
      > to Samwise Gamgee and I wanted to get the phrase "Faithful like
      Sam" in
      > Quenya using Tengwar. I've tried to figure out the translation on
      my own
      > and so far I've come up with the "Faithful like..." part but I
      don't know
      > how to translate Sam's name into
      > Quenya.
      > Well, in Sindarin Sam (Samwise) is called _Perhael_ (semi-wise/half-
      > _per-_ "half" + _sael_ "wise", with Sindarin lenition S > H in the
      > part of the compound). _Sael_ "wise" corresponds to Quenya _saila_,
      and the
      > element _per-_ "half-" also occurs in both languages. Maybe we
      could have
      > something like _Persailo_ in Quenya, with the masculine ending _-
      o_? Or
      > possibly _Pessailo_ with assimilation rs > ss, but this
      assimilation (known
      > from the historical phonological evolution) may perhaps be ignored
      in more
      > recent compounds.
      > > What I have is "vĂ³rima ve" which I've gathered to mean
      > like",
      > Yes, that should work. Or you can use _voronda ve..._.
      > - HKF

      Thanks a lot, that's very helpful.
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