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[elfscript] Re: Elvish calligraphy problems

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    ... I doubt this distinction was normally observed. We see the modified malta = mh in the King s letter, and a modified vala = mh in one of the early
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2003
      Teithant Helge K. Fauskanger:
      >Sindarin words of "estelio veleth".

      >Well, the on-line transcribers will get most of
      >it right. The one thing to remember is that V is
      >here a lenited form of M (not B), and according
      >to Tolkien's King's Letter transcript, this V is spelt
      >as a modified Malta

      I doubt this distinction was normally observed. We see the modified
      malta = 'mh' in the King's letter, and a modified vala = 'mh' in one of
      the early drafts of the Doors of Durin, true enough. But if v < mh were
      always represented by a special form of the 'm' tengwa, we should expect
      to see it the words _Vória_ in DTS 29 and _Tinúviel_ in DTS 43 and
      44. However that is not the case; ampa was used. Also, in App. E's
      explanation of the Cirth, Tolkien stated that for archaic Sindarin a
      sign for spirant 'm' was required. In the table, the value 'mh' for
      Certh #7 is in parentheses. This suggests to me that in later Sindarin
      the distinction between 'mh' and 'v' was probably not observed. It seems
      unlikely that this distinction would be discarded in Cirth usage yet
      upheld in Tengwar spelling. So why would an archaic sign like the
      modified malta be found in a late Sindarin manuscript like the King's
      letter? Possibly to give an archaic flavour found in formal documents
      written in real world lanuages. In any case, it is probably significant
      that the Latin letter transcription of the King's Letter reads
      _mhellyn_, not _vellyn_. Perhaps we should use the special lenited 'm'
      Tengwa only when Tolkien spells a Sindarin word with 'mh' rather than

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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