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I want translations ! or "What it is all about?"

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  • laurifindil
    Welcome to the Wonderfully Complicated World of Tolkien s ConLangs. ;-) New Students who try to *understand* Tolkien s languages should be well aware that one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2003
      Welcome to the Wonderfully Complicated World of Tolkien's ConLangs.

      New Students who try to *understand* Tolkien's languages should be
      well aware that one question is paramount: whatever you try to follow
      and understand Tolkien's purpose(s), or to follow your "personal" road
      and make new Con-languages. It is the first question you should ask
      yourself when you start your "investigations" about Tolkien's
      Constructed Languages. What do I want to comprehend : Tolkien's
      Con-languages, or make your own?

      What goes on actually on Elfling is the *making* of new Con-Langs
      based (more or less, and as times goes by less and less) on Tolkien
      own. It is much easier than study T's writings.

      If you want to make your own Elvish ConLang you don't have to care
      much about what Tolkien wrote actually ; you just have "fun", take
      what you like, so to speak, and you can use _anything_ you find on
      Internet, and don't bother about Books and now there's plenty of
      Mish-mash Elvish... You don't need rules, and languages are full of

      Nasty, nasty rules, so complicated. ;-) ;-)

      But if you care about Tolkien and respect him as a writer and *love*
      what actually wrote and like his carefully Constructed World BEWARE of
      Internet! It will only confuse you. Most of the time Elfling and most
      the Internet sites just copies what they find on other sites and do
      not take time to glimpse into Tolkien's Books.

      What to do then? Read Tolkien's Books (a good read believe me. I have
      been doing this since 1978 !:-)).

      For the time being no matter how hard some want to believe it, the
      Elvish Languages are *not* well known and they cannot be learned just
      like any other language (say, Russian or Arabic). The Elvish languages
      can and are studied. It is a "hard way", but try it; in the long run
      you might be overwhelmed.


      Edouard Kloczko
      Head of the French Faculty of Elvish Studies (founded 1985)
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