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    After one of Edouard s posts suggested that the gasdil might be found in The Treason of Isengard , I looked and did find a reference to the gasdil. It wasn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2003
      After one of Edouard's posts suggested that the gasdil might be found in
      "The Treason of Isengard", I looked and did find a reference to the
      gasdil. It wasn't called that, but there is no doubt that the gasdil was
      what was being described. The only problem for us fans of the Tengwar is
      that the reference is to the Cirth ... not the Tengwar. But here's what
      I found:

      Apparently the certh #35 in App. E of LOTR was in origin a variant of
      #18 ('c') in the usage of Doriath. This was later maintained in the
      Noldorin usage as well. The section on the Written Form of the 'Alphabet
      of (Pengolod>) Dairon' (as opposed to the incised form that we're
      familiar with) in 'Appendix on Runes' in ToI has this note about certh
      #35: "Originally [#35] was also employed as a variant [of #18], but
      later it was used as a sign of hiatus between vowels, and especially
      initially to represent vocalic beginning after loss of [#21] (gh from g
      by mutation)." On the following page the 'smaller and more cursive'
      written forms were given. This version of #35 looked like a reversed
      apostrophe, or the Greek daseia. Tolkien wrote at the head of the first
      of these pages about runes, "All this has been revised and rewritten.
      See appendices to Lord of the Rings." When we look at the chart in App.
      E, we see one of the values of #35 given as '. We know that the
      apostrophe is used for the gasdil in writing Sindarin with Latin
      letters. I would think it logical to infer that #35 is the gasdil of the
      Angerthas Daeron. Unfortunately, we are not told of a corresponding
      Tengwar respresentation. My guess would be anga or ungwe, depending on
      the mode. It would reflect the development of g > gh > 0 lenition, and
      Sindarin had no need of using these tengwar for other purposes, so they
      were available for such usage. However, until we have an example by
      Tolkien himself, this is just speculation.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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