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Re: [elfscript] Vedui'

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    teithant Cristine Easterby ... mae govannen is very correctly Sindarin, vedui and il er is Grelvish ... hm.. if you fight with the dictionary and
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 14, 2003
      teithant Cristine Easterby

      > Mae govannen il'er,

      'mae govannen' is very correctly Sindarin, 'vedui' and
      'il'er' is 'Grelvish'

      > I am still fighting with Quenya vs Sindarian, which
      > would you
      > consider the easiest to learn and actually pronounce
      > !!!!!

      hm.. if you fight with the dictionary and grammar from
      the 'Grey Company' or 'Tel'Mithrim' you won't go very
      far as long as Tolkien's languages are concerned

      i suggest you delete these documents if you are
      interested in TOLKIEN'S LANGUAGES

      (and the name is Sindarin, not Sindarian)

      > I quite
      > fancy Teleri too, as I love the Vanyar, who I
      > believe, being of
      > Teleri descent may well have spoken this language ?

      um... no, in Valinor there were Vanyar, Noldor, and
      Teleri, each being a different tribe.. the Teleri
      spoke Telerin, and Vanyar and Noldor spoke Quenya
      (with some differences)

      i also advise to join the Elfling list.. this list
      (called Elfscript) is for the Elvish WRITING SYSTEMS,
      not the languages themselves

      i also advise you visit
      http://gildor.freepage.gr/tolkien/faq.htm and

      hope i've been of help :)

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