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Re: [elfscript] tilde

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    ... [The value ... You didn t mention what site, what language, etc., so I m making a guess here. The mention of gw and dw leads me to believe you re
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2003
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      Teithant Veiluve Ardaheru Minak:
      >Alright all I got a good one for you
      [The value
      >for each tengwa is first then the name] Now with
      >looking at the diphthongs at a site I was on when
      >writing gw(ungwe)a tilde is placed above it as with dw(ando).

      You didn't mention what site, what language, etc., so I'm making a guess
      here. The mention of 'gw' and 'dw' leads me to believe you're referring
      to the Sindarin modes used for the King's Letter. What you're referring
      to a tilde is actually more of a 'reverse' tilde that represents a
      following 'w'. Some people call this the over-twist or modified 'u'
      curl. I generally call it the following 'w' tehta.

      >Now would this also work with ghw(unque)
      >and ch/khw/hw(hwesta)?

      In what language would you need 'ghw'? Theoretically, the following 'w'
      tehta could be used over any tengwa that represents a consonant that can
      be labialised. It also depends on the language. Tolkien used this tehta
      for Sindarin and some of his English modes. It is not used (or needed)
      for Quenya because Quenya uses Series IV for the labial consonants that
      can occur in Quenya.

      >Also this yes or no I assume since ngw(ngwalme)
      >has only one phonetic value a tilde isn't used.

      Apparently nwalme has the phonetic value 'ngw' (or actually 'ñw') only
      in archaic Quenya. In Third Age Quenya, it had the sound 'nw'. In the
      Sindarin modes used in Gondor, it had the sound 'ñ' (trancsribed
      'ng'). If a woman in Minas Tirith had a name such as _Ringwen_, I think
      she would write it with the following 'w' tehta over nwalme.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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