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Re: [elfscript] Re: Hi, and a Tengwar Mode

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  • draqonfayir@juno.com
    On Sun, 05 Jan 2003 15:09:41 -0000 xeeniseit ... - http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at/teng_quenya.htm Section The Vowel A , and Figure
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 5, 2003
      On Sun, 05 Jan 2003 15:09:41 -0000 "xeeniseit <xeeniseit@...>"
      <xeeniseit@...> writes:
      > > > Another remark on your vowel representations: Isn't it possible
      > > > to have no sign at all for shva?

      > > I originally had that, until i saw that Tengwar itself had a 'no
      > > vowel'
      > > sign, so i decided to use it - which then made deciding on a form
      > > for the
      > > hhatafim/ultrashort vowels much easier.

      > What's your reason to consider the subposed single dot a 'no vowel'
      > sign?

      Section "The Vowel A", and Figure 4 (Known ways to write 'calma')

      > > According to this idea, of moving row 6 up into row 4, why would
      > you then
      > > not want to just move the old row 4 down into row 6? What else
      > would you
      > > use the oore-tyelle for? |vav| and |yud|?

      > Exactly. Two reasons for that: It's the most common assignations vor
      > the /w/
      > and for the /y/ sound, and it allows you to abandon two of the
      > "additional"
      > signs, yanta and uure (I think we always have to prefer the primary
      > signs). Of
      > course, this wouldn't help anything if we'd have to pay for the gain
      > of these
      > two new assignations (|vav| and |yud|) with the loss of two old
      > assignations (|
      > t.ad| and |qof|). But that's not the case, because I think |qof| can
      > perfectly be
      > expressed by quesse. But how to express t.ad?

      So you'd put |quf| in row 1 column IV as quesse, and then leave |t.et| as
      the only 'extended' stem? I assume it'd have one open rightwards bow,
      i.e. same as /t/ except with an extended stem?

      > Have you thought about the possibility of expressing all zayn, vav,
      > yud and 3ayn in the same row?

      Would that mean moving |vav| and |yud| into row 6 with |zayin| and
      |`ayin|, or moving them all into row 4 to replace the emphatics and have
      row 4 be the 'voiced fricatives & approximants' row, with |vav| as ampa
      and |yud| as anca? Hmm... if that were done, harma/aha right above the
      new |yud| could be used for |shin|, since it's sort of palatal like
      |yud|. And then |s.adi| could be silme instead of being aze/esse?

      -Stephen (Steg)
      "Beornings speak with a Lithuanian accent?!"

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