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Vietnamese Tengwar Mode (with regard to Tengwar for Non-Alphabets)

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  • John C. S.
    The language I have been toying with as to a Tengwar mode fits those exact requirements. It has many like sounds, and also tones, precisely 6. The language
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2003
      The language I have been toying with as to a Tengwar mode fits those exact
      requirements. It has many like sounds, and also tones, precisely 6. The
      language is Vietnamese. With this mode, I thought it would be best to add
      some new tehta, based on the existing ones. For example, for the
      questioning tone (dau hoi), I thought of using a simplified tehta question
      mark with only the top curl. This would be directly appended to the stem.

      For a raising tone, perhaps I could use the o-tehta, but also add onto that
      the u-curl, resulting in a tehta with two curls. This would not look
      totally alien, and would not have a vowel sound, so I think it would suffice
      for a tonal marking. For the falling tone, I would probably use this,
      except in the reverse direction.

      For the deep tone, would it be permissible to put one dot below another dot
      below the tengwa? For the raising and falling tone (marked by ~ above a
      letter traditionally), I was thinking of attaching the Tengwar exclamation
      mark at a diagonal (to the right) directly to the stem of the tengwa. The
      last tone is a no tone, which I would rather leave blank than mark, as is
      done in traditional Vietnamese spelling.

      For vowels, I believe a full system in combination with the tehta would be
      most appropriate, especially with regard to vowels with three variant
      formations: "o, o*," and "�" as well as "u, u*," and "�," as well as "a,
      �," and the A spelled with an upside down circumflex.
      Dipthongs in Vietnamese are also very common, which is another reason I
      would choose some full vowels. It would help to eliminate some carriers.
      The vowel placement system would probably be like that of Quenya. I thought
      for tripthongs, it would be permissible to use a system sort of like
      Tolkien's Anglo Saxon mode in which he placed one tehta on top, and one
      below. This would minimize the presence of carriers even more.

      I doubt the consonants would be much of a problem. They are somewhat
      standard, though some are always unaspirated. Any comments on this? Does
      this seem like a good foundation for a mode? Is it permissible to devise
      new tehta for tonal markings? Any correspondence would be appreciated.

      John C. S.

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      From: Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
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      Subject: [elfscript] Tengwar for Non-Alphabets
      Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 23:57:27 -0800 (PST)

      A Tengwar for Hebrew and other lingos that don't have a major need for
      vowels I expect could be
      easy in that regard, but what of languages with alot of like sounds, or
      worse tonal?

      How about a mode for languages that are more syllablary in need/nature?


      Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 21:46:35 -0500
      From: "Steg Belsky" <draqonfayir@...> | This is Spam | Add to Address
      Subject: Re: Tengwar Mode: German
      To: CONLANG@...

      On Sat, 4 Jan 2003 18:24:22 +0100 Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
      > This talk about a Hebrew tengwar mode has finally led me to make the
      > German tengwar mode I had always planned to make one day...
      > http://catharsis.netpeople.ch/langmaking/DTM/dtm.html
      > Comments? (It's in German, I'm afraid... ;-)
      > -- Christian Thalmann

      I don't know German, but the system looks good! Although i feel bad for
      |w| /v/, stuck in a row all by itself. :-P Why did you use the 'doubled
      S' letter for |z|, instead of a 'T + s-curl' combination like |x|?

      -Stephen (Steg)
      "dos iz nit der �teg."

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