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Re: [elfscript] Cursive Writing

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  • Angasule
    ... Well, first question, why the pen change? I don t think elves had ballpens so sticking with feather-like writing should be the best? About the script
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2001
      Talwyn Lochsyr wrote:
      > Hello all! I am new to this forum but one thing I
      > think is missing from the tolkienic languages is a
      > true cursive script. I think that while the formal
      > bookhand shapes would occur in scholarly documents and
      > legal documents, the common jotted notes would require
      > a mode less painstaking and somewhat faster to write.
      > I am experimenting with some forms of cursive based on
      > the forms occuring in english. I have attached a
      > small sample, let me know if its readable or if you
      > have any other questions or suggestions.
      Well, first question, why the pen change? I don't think elves had
      ballpens so sticking with feather-like writing should be the best?
      About the script itself, I find it too latin-like, did you use
      Tolkien's own examples as a base? I think your lambe is too small (it
      should go well below the 'line'). Did you start writing in normal
      tengwar and naturally let it go cursive or you thought out the cursive
      shapes directly?
      About the tehtar, I think a ^-like 'a' would make a bit more sense (or
      no tehta at all for 'a'!), and the loops (u and o) aren't distinct
      Sorry my comments are all bad! I think the idea is great, I get cramps
      in my hand just remembering last time I tried writing an extensive
      Quenya text (I get them with latin hands too... try copying the Havamal
      and you'll wish you'll feel like Beren :) ). There are some cursive and
      semicursive tengwar writings by Tolkien, though, the book Pictures by
      J.R.R. Tolkien has various examples (there is a short line at the end of
      the third page of the book of Mazarbul which looks 100% cursive (the
      kind you use when attacked by orcs, lake guardians and Balrogs, if you
      know what I mean!).

      > PS please forgive any misspellings I have not yet got
      > everything memorized.
      It takes a while, give it time :)

      PD: The image really was too big, try saving as a monochrome (1 bit)
      .gif file (.jpg is for photographs, gif is a lot better for texts and
      such), and cutting the edges, that way I reduced the size of your pic to
      merely 42,6kb, 272,4kb less (it was 315 according to my pc, although in
      email images seem to get bloated, never checked much, anyway...).

      PPD: What does it say? :) I can't read but Quenya and Spanish (as used
      by the STE and other Spanish-speaking societies).
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