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Re: [elfscript] new member saying hello - bookbinding and Ring letters

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  • John C. S.
    As has already been said, tengwar and elvish are sometimes used similarly. Tengwar refers to the letters designed for the Elvish languages, such as
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002
      As has already been said, "tengwar" and "elvish" are sometimes used
      similarly. Tengwar refers to the letters designed for the Elvish languages,
      such as Sindarin and Quenya, and Elvish is a general adjective that people
      assign to something that looks like it is of the Elves, or to the Elvish
      language (Sindarin) used in the movie, most commonly. The flowing script on
      the ring is "Elvish, of an ancient mode, but the language is that of
      Mordor." (Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Ch. 2, pg. 80) So you can use
      that form of Tengwar, Elvish letters, for any language that has an existing
      Tengwar mode, which includes English. Have a look at Harri Per�l�'s site at
      http://www.sci.fi/~alboin/tengwar.htm which features a font of his own
      (which is VERY good, I think) called Tengwar Cursive. For a much better
      explanation of Tengwar and The Ring style Tengwar, look at the site Amanye
      Tenceli (http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at). Especially look at Appendix E in
      the "Return of the King." Hope this helps, and I hope someone can give you
      a second opinion. Always better to work with the most sources (and maybe
      more qualified ones than I).

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      From: "deirdre thompson" <deirdre_bookbindings@...>
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      Subject: [elfscript] new member saying hello
      Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 10:49:29 -0000

      Hello I have just joined the group because I need advice : I am a
      bookbinder and I make leather bound journals, I have recently been
      working with leather onlaying, thats when a cutout of a diffrent
      colour leather is droped in to a background leather and pasted down.
      I did some work the other day with some Rudolf Koch symbols from The
      Book of Signs and it looks really nice, and I remembered that I
      really liked the ring inscription script and it would look great on
      a book cover, the question : I am getting confused between the
      tengwar and elfish font, whats the correct one for the ring ?
      Is there a list anywhere of lines of elvish that I can use?

      thanks for reading,

      deirdre thompson

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