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[elfscript] Re : Update, please?

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    ... Very well, but if they don t, it seems to me that they should not be involved in the publication of primary materials in the first place. They should step
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 12, 2001
      Michael Everson wrote:

      > I found Helge's posting to Arden a bit offensive. Maybe he meant it
      > tongue-in-cheek, but as someone who volunteers a great deal of his
      > time doing charity work in the world of scripts and computing, I
      > don't like to see other experts criticized that way. People have time
      > to give away or they don't.

      Very well, but if they don't, it seems to me that they should not be
      involved in the publication of primary materials in the first place. They
      should step down and turn the work over to people who actually have the
      time to get it done.

      Mr. Smith is of course not obliged to answer my question, and it seems he
      doesn't intend to, but he must be aware that after all this time, his
      flamboyant 1997 assurances about upcoming "large batches" of new info on
      the writing systems begin to look disturbingly like a broken promise.

      The next issue of Parma Eldalamberon (#13) would seem to be of particular
      interest to us: if ever published, it would probably answer many of our
      questions about Ruumilian writing. Elfconner Bill Welden wrote in a
      TolkLang posting of December 18th, 1998: "The next issue of Parma will
      contain materials from the 1920s on Gnomish and Ruumilian." On August 18th,
      1999, Christopher Gilson sent me a letter saying that the Gnomish material
      was nearly ready. Combining these two pieces of information, we *might*
      conclude that when Parma #13 still has not appeared, it is because the
      Ruumilian material remains unfinished. Ruumilian seems to be Smith's
      jurisdiction, so perhaps he can tell us something about why we are still
      waiting for an issue which Gilson originally suggested would be published
      in 1997? (TolkLang posting 20.43, late 1996: "We plan to continue next year
      with material from the 1920's, including fairly comprehensive grammars of
      the two Elvish languages, AS WELL AS THE FIRST WORKING ON THE WRITING
      SYSTEMS." - Emphasis added.)

      In August 1999, I also asked Gilson, "If even a preposition gets out
      without written permission from the Estate, [will you] have broken your
      agreement with them?" (To make the question relevant for this list, read "a
      single character" instead of "a preposition".) Gilson's answer was NO. So
      Smith would hardly be breaking any agreement if he tells us (say) how
      Ruumilian writing expresses labialized consonants, e.g. the _qu_ of Quenya.
      But I guess he is not going to.

      I can well understand why Ed Kloczko finds this whole business rather

      - Helge Fauskanger
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