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Re: Phrase in Elvish

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  • psalm19us
    ... Sindarin. ... You could try posting your translation request on the elfling list… http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elfling/ Read the FAQ s and if possible
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2002
      --- In elfscript@y..., "cronojg" <cronojcg@a...> wrote:
      > Could some one tell me the translation of "All the stars in the
      > heavens could not compare to one glimps of your beauty." In
      > Thank you.

      You could try posting your translation request on the elfling list…


      Read the FAQ's and if possible make an effort to translate it
      yourself first; there are a good many resources listed.

      As to translations being "mish-mash" Sindarin – perhaps it is true.
      Since the language was never really completed by Tolkien and he is
      not around now to ask about the details, it does make it difficult to
      determine what would really be correct in any given instance.
      However, even if we were Elves, we might fade completely away before
      we come to a definitive consensus on what Tolkien wanted the language
      to be – if it is even possible at all. In the meantime, those of us
      who wish to use the language must do the best we can with our "mish-
      mash" and "individual dialects." As long as we try to be as correct
      as possible within the limits of what information is available, that
      is fine with me. :)

      I am very thankful for all the help I have receive on these lists,
      and I know those who offered translation help were not always sure of
      a definitive answer. But, my desire, like that of many others, is to
      USE the language, even if it means not every nuance of the language
      is exactly as Tolkien intended. If I remember correctly, Tolkien
      himself never quit "fine tuning" his languages, thus they never
      reached a final "static" state. Therefore it does not completely
      unhinge me to use "derived" words and have multiple approaches to
      constructing words and sentences. I guess using any words or forms
      not directly attested is "getting away from Tolkien's Elvish," but
      that leaves us with the dilemma of being either "correct" but
      extremely restricted in our writing/translating ability or taking the
      risk of branching out into "mish-mash."

      I am deeply indebted and extremely grateful to those scholars who
      study the actual texts and present to us the "new" information. Where
      would we be without them? I am quite willing to readily revise any
      conventions I may have adopted in the light of new revelations of
      Tolkien's actual usage of the language whenever such are made
      available. I rely on the experts to steer us in the right direction,
      but, personally, I don't intend to wait on a "final version" before I
      write another poem in Sindarin. :)

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