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Re: [elfscript] Re: Help with translation - sindarin

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    teithant laurifindil ... for one more time, i don t like to be called mister ... *anything*? (emphasis mine).. i think your are exaggerating ... it s not
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 5, 2002
      teithant laurifindil

      > We (and that includes Mister Gildor!) do not know

      for one more time, i don't like to be called "mister"

      > "enought" about the
      > Sindarin language to be able, to speak, translate or
      > do anything but
      > _study_ those extract which have been published so
      > far.

      *anything*? (emphasis mine).. i think your are

      > Almost any attempt of Sindarin "translation" can
      > only be called "Bad-
      > Sindarin" or "Mish-mash Sindarin" and that is "ir
      > i-dhuath... etc."
      > Just plain "Gildor-Style=Sindarin". And if I
      > translated it it would
      > be just as plain Bad Laurifindil-Style Sindarin.

      it's not "bad", but "unsure".. and in some cases the
      "personal dialects" are a necessary evil
      (Helge-Sindarin lenits verbs, while Gildor-Sindarin
      doesn't), and we all expect those dialects to be more
      and more "Tolkienised" in time with new
      publications(and in a manner, dialects are not "wrong"
      just because they differ from a standard language)

      since the requesters' life is not at stake when they
      get a somehow-wrong/unsure-translation, i think it's
      ok to provide the best translation possible..

      > Futhermore this ML is *not* about translating
      > languages but about the
      > writting sytem : tengwar, runes, sarati.

      right.. i expect she will be asking a transcription
      help for the abovementioned phrase :)

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